Evangelical Apologist

Dr. Timothy Stanley, in the immediate aftermath of the Rapture that wasn’t, penned a defense of evangelism for the Telegraph. Here’s a clip:

Across the United States, atheists are gathering at Rapture parties to celebrate another day of life on this corrupted Earth. Their joy as Camping’s error is plain mean. While they knock back cheap imported beer and make-out in hot-tubs, thousands of evangelicals will be providing care and love to prisoners, homeless people, drug addicts and the poor. It is a noble calling worthy of a little tolerance.

Arrogant blithering nonsense in direct contradiction of utterly vast amounts of empirical data and with complete disregard for the disproportionately long list of harms wrought by evangelicals in their unwarranted and arrogant certainty that they alone know the will of the creator, a mythological wizard for which there is absolutely no evidence.

That these people, in the hope of reward and in fear of punishment, go and do good acts in no way absolves them of the vicious and contemptible damages they inflict.

The groveling, one-sided and sycophantic nature of the article leads one to wonder which sectarian pimp masquerading as an educator sat on Dr. Timothy Stanley’s thesis defense panel.

Such naked religious fawning passed off as journalism, or even cogent opinion, ought to embarrass the publisher. One supposes the author incapable.

To further bask in the unfettered arrogance and unmitigated banality of this insipid little toady, you may visit his website. Consider this fair warning:

I divide my time between London and Los Angeles, with the occasional weekend in Washington DC. Like everyone of my generation, I’m a bit obsessed with Sarah Palin. I define my politics as Anarcho-Catholic – an eclectic kind of pacifistic, red meat eating, gun loving, tax hating, Buddha hugging voodoo.

Some people you just want to slap.


3 Responses

  1. I read your appropriately vitriolic assessment of Stanley in horror at the thought of my beloved Guardian printing such drivel, and then noticed that though you attribute it to the G, it links to the Telegraph. Thank God for that! 😛

  2. I wish more of these folks were actually doing what this dork is claiming they do instead of , like him, just talking about it.

    But there WAS a rapture. Everybody who deserved to be raptured up was…all 3 of them. Now the Final Judgment kicks into high gear, right?

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