The World Will End Tomorrow

What would you do if you only had one day to live?
The classic cliche question for that moment when you’ve all had three too many drinks.

Shit. I’m not even packed. Of course, I guess I can forget about the laundry…and there’s no hurry now to eat those leftovers in the fridge. Hah! Look at this: The power bill. This rapture thing is full of win!

So, with 24 hours or so ticking down to the end time now upon us, what shall I do?
I did promise to teach a class tonight, so I might as well do that. I’ll use the cash for a bottle of rum. Eh? Make that two bottles of rum. Don’t want to run out just when the fun really gets underway.

I wonder what those religious buffoons will have to say for themselves when the sun rises on Sunday.
I wonder what I’ll have to say if it doesn’t.

Bertrand Russell was once asked what he would say should he meet his maker:
“Not enough evidence, m’lord.”
That works for me.


2 Responses

  1. Works for me too.
    It’s not 6pm here yet. not that it would matter to me, I’ll be here.

  2. Please God, rapture me the fuck off this worthless shithole full of fucktards & evil cocksuckers and maybe I’ll start believing in you. You don’t even have to end the world, just get me the hell off it and put me somewhere else I can at least tolerate.

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