Palin for President

America is in trouble. The economy is not recovering, the bankers are still pocketing profits made from the unregulated dismemberment of sound management practices, and the very fabric of the country – from health care to highways to Social Security to the power grid – is being dismantled and sold off to political cronies for dimes on the dollar. Unemployment is rising, the number of families relying on food stamps grows daily. Education is unaffordable – graduates are now buried under a lifetime of debt with no prospect of building anything like a secure career or a decent retirement.
America NEEDS Sarah Palin. Someone behind whom the country can unite and move forward together. Someone with vision and certainty; the ability to motivate great numbers of people to work toward the common good.
If Sarah Palin would just enter the Republican primaries, the GOP base would immediately unite behind her, handing her the banner to carry into the electoral battle with Barack Hussein Obama. They have no one else.
And the country would unite as never before. Unite and move as one to ensure that such a brainless, shrieking Harpy cannot ever get near the levers of power in America; unite in derisive laughter at every stunned, ill-informed, patently ignorant blithering bit of stupidity that yammers from the flapping gob of the half-term Mama Griz.
It would be like Opposite Day! When Sarah Palin argues that regulations governing corporate behaviour must be eliminated, people would simply KNOW that government oversight is required. When she asserts that taxes must be still further reduced, especially on the extremely wealthy, people would understand the principle of paying one’s fair share. The more she yammers about privatizing health care, the closer America comes to wrapping their heads around cradle-to-grave single payer. With every condemnation of gay rights, gay marriage and gays in the military that howls from her illiterate yap, America would sashay toward true equality and tolerance.
For the good of the country, Sarah, please run for president.


One Response

  1. Wow, you are as high as a kite today.

    America is too far gone to realize what a poison Fargo Barbie truly is. Americans have been well trained to mindlessly buy whatever shit they are sold, no matter how lousy or dangerous the product is. Spokesmodel Barbie may be as dumb as a brick and tout policies that would destroy the universe. But, with the right advertising campaign behind her, she will not only avoid being cast into the political dumpster where she belongs, she is almost as likely to gain momentum as lose it.

    Even if America says no to her “ideas”, they will have treated them as serious options first. Treating idiocy seriously only lends credibility to it and makes it more possible for it to succeed next time. America may not go for her, but Fargo Barbie’s success will only further mainstream her lunacy.

    America won’t come to their senses and unite against the policies she supports. The day that was possible has long since passed. These policies have been treated too seriously for too long. The most that will happen is a collective, “Naw, I like the one with the penis better.”

    With only a periodic setback or two, society’s destruction will proceed more or less as scheduled.

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