“The Least Racist Guy There Is”

A former contestant on Donald Trump’s reality show responded to Trump’s most recent attacks on Barack Obama’s academic credentials:

“Apparently he doesn’t like educated African-Americans very much.”

Kevin Allen, who also happens to be black, is a Wharton Business School grad, Emory MBA, and University of Chicago law graduate. He was fired from Trump’s show for being “over-educated.”

Trump, who has previously asserted that he has “a great relationship with the blacks”, recently claimed that he’s, “…the least racist guy there is.”

The foregoing statements are of particular interest when contrasted with the fact that Trump was sued by the Federal Government in the 70’s for not renting to minorities.

Bottom line: Anyone who refers to African Americans as “The Blacks” may have a problem. Anyone who says, “I’m the least racist guy there is,” is either deluded or a liar. Put them both together with the fact of the settlement reached in the decades old discrimination suit and add the firing of a black contestant for being too educated, shake, and you have one sweet Jim Crow cocktail.


7 Responses

  1. Watching trump nowadays is like watching a train wreck in slow motion..

  2. I’m guessing some of his best friends are one of the blacks. This guy is amazing in how he can get “the masses” to agree to what a fantastic, smart, gazillion billionaire he is and then attest to it publicly.

  3. Trump is such a complete ignoramus. It really infuriates me that we are forced to defend a man such as the Pres against the likes of Donald Trump.

    • Nic…there are things one reflexively wants to do, and there are some things one needs to do. I think defending Obama against the likes of Trump is a whole other category: Things you don’t need to bother with. Which is only to say, “Relax, the POTUS got this.”
      Buffoons like Trump need only be handed a shovel and given a little space and a little time.

      • Yeah, but Trump is amazingly good at claiming success, even in the midst of crushing defeat. He could lose every single battle with Obama and might still convince enough swing voters that he won to actually win the war.

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