Marijuana = Prison for LIFE

Never robbed anyone. Never killed anyone. Never committed, so far as the story goes, a single violent crime. Sentenced to life behind bars for a fourth pot bust.

This is the head-up-the-ass logic of the war of drugs as inflicted by stunningly ignorant judges and elected officials at once too merciless to administer justice and over-eager to appear tough on crime.

The sheer degree of stupidity required to impose such a sentence boggles the mind.


8 Responses

  1. So his 3rd bust got him nothing but probation, but his 4th bust got him life in prison???

    Never mind the “crime” at issue, that’s seriously fucked up all on its own.

    • He moved. Sorta like a black guy driving a BMW in…well, I dunno, some tolerant, multi-ethnic municipality where they actually have African American doctors, lawyers, cops, teachers, etc., who moves to Incestuous Buttfuck, Mississippi. All of the sudden driving a BMW is a “Keep your hands where I can BLAM BLAM BLAM!” offense.

      It’s like the recent spate of Slut Walks. I’m in total agreement with their notion of how the world ought to be: No matter where they go, no matter what they wear, women have a right to both feel safe and be safe.
      But it’s like walking around in bear country. When you are in bear country, you hang a bell from your pack, carry pepper spray, and make lots of noise. It keeps the bears away. You DON’T strap a fresh salmon to the back of your pack, coat yourself in bacon grease and creep quietly through dense brush.
      Same logic applies to putting on a sheer tube top, a micromini and sucking down vodka shots at the frat party. There are bears out there.

  2. I hope the judge gets painful glaucoma.

  3. Just read that Indian Gov. Mitch “Stretch” Daniels, who may run for president, got busted as a college student for possession of what police described as “two shoeboxes full of marijuana.” I figure that’s about a kilo – strongly suggesting he was selling it. He got off with a $650 fine. Now, of course, he’s selling something else: a zero-tolerance policy for people caught with drugs. I hope he runs so someone can bring this up. If he does run, I predict the expression “youthful indiscretion” will be used repeatedly.
    But Daniels has no real chance. My 5-foot-2 wife has interviewed him and reports they are exactly the same height. Daniels, naturally, claims to be 5-foot-7. He’d look pretty funny standing behind his little-boy lectern while debating 6-foot-1 Obama.

    • “When I did it, it was a youthful indiscretion. When youth do it today, it’s a crime that needs to be severely punished.”

  4. Stupid fingers. I meant “Indiana.” I’m pretty sure Mitch isn’t an Indian. I think he’s a Hobbit. We’ll need to see his birth certificate to be sure.

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