GOP: Making Stupid People Afraid

Obama’s a socialist! No, he bailed out the banks and the auto industry. He left the Bush tax cuts for the super rich in place because the Republicans threatened to shut down the government.

Obama is raising taxes! No, the marginal tax rate is the lowest it’s been in over 50 years. Lower than Reagan (who raised taxes!), lower then Bush.

Obama is exploding the deficit! No, the deficit is almost entirely the result of the last Bush administration and, in particular, the last budget signed by Bush. Obama CUT the deficit by 212 billion dollars.

Obama is soft on terrorism / weak on National Security! No, Obama killed Osama bin Laden and there have been, count’em, ZERO attacks within the United States on his watch. Conversely, the flight-suited Mission Accomplished tough on terrorists president ignored the plain English warning that AQ was determined to attack and then spent eight years failing to accomplish his juvenile “Dead or alive” tough talk.

Obama is killing business! No, compare the Dow Jones the day Bush left office to today. Compare jobs lost versus jobs created. Fuck it…pick ANY measure you like and look at the numbers.

And now, with absolutely no facts on their side; reduced to lying about their total culpability in creating the hideous financial mess that is the direct result of deregulation, unfettered free market, trickle down economic policy; stained by decades of foreign policy fuck-ups from Iran-Contra to invading Iraq; dragging behind them the desiccated corpses of New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico; their fingerprints ALL OVER the destruction of constitutional rights and a host of pure criminality – habeous corpus, warrantless wiretapping, torture, rendition, outting Valerie Plame; having been handed control of Congress (again!) on a platform of economic salvation and JOBS, JOBS JOBS! but devoting their time to birth certificates, anti-abortion laws, and ways to ensure it’s more difficult for brown people to vote, the Republican hate fucking of America continues unabated with some of the most deeply stupid Derp ever uttered anywhere.

From South Carolina:

Sen. Jim DeMint, the Palmetto State’s conservative firebrand, has said for months…the upcoming presidential election “is our last chance to get it right.”
“2012 is when we have to lay it all on the line,” DeMint told a few thousand delegates. “We have to go to the mat.”
“There’s no question that we are moving, step by step, closer to socialism. So that puts democracy at risk to some extent,” Rep. Tim Scott, a Republican who represents South Carolina’s 1st district, said in an interview. “How much, how soon, I’m not sure. But if you’re financially bankrupt, I think everything’s at risk.”

Last chance to get it right? LAST CHANCE?
Great jumped up horny Jesus on skis! How many times are Republicans going to be permitted to dick everything…EVERYTHING…up in ways no one could even have imagined before they once again stand up, grin like an idiot and begin looking around for someone else to blame?
These brainless fucktards are unable to understand that socialism and democracy are not mutually exclusive notions; that America IS a socialist nation, at least insofar as TAX DOLLARS build roads, schools, hospitals, water and sewer systems, electrical grids, and pay for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National and Coast Guards.
How long are these craven assholes going to be permitted to LIE to the public and be treated as though their prevarications are just the other side of the coin – a balanced counter argument against the “Tax and Spend Liberals” – as they crush unions, shred the social safety net and sell off every stick of everything THE PEOPLE built with their own goddamn money; inflicting disaster capitalism on the population as they privatize the very infrastructure constructed with PUBLIC money and then rent it back to the people who used to OWN IT?

Rick Santorum, a possible candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, even raised the specter of Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Italy in a speech here Friday night while explaining why his grandfather emigrated to the U.S. His uncle, he said, “used to get up in a brown shirt and march and be told how to be a good little fascist.”

“I don’t know, maybe they called it early pre-K or something like that, that the government sponsored to get your children in there so they can indoctrinate them,” Santorum said.

FASCIST INDOCTRINATION! These fuckers will say anything! And this is how they START the argument that public education must be dismantled. That goddamn vouchers must be handed out so that parents have the “choice” to send their children to private schools…private schools run by religious organizations who can then, free from the constraints of the constitution, teach your children that evolution is “just a theory” and that the earth is really only 6000 years old and man walked with dinosaurs!
And among the many threats to national and economic security is the utterly myopic notion that parents know best how to educate their children. No, they fucking well don’t. Anyone who wants to teach their children that evolution is “just a theory” (and is too stupid to understand the scientific meaning of the word theory) puts the economic future of the United States in jeopardy.
Vouchers for education, vouchers for health care, vouchers for everything…and tax cuts. And they keep saying it: The people get to keep more of their money. “The people get to choose what they think is best. The people get to choose. The government wants to restrict your choice!”
And what will the people do when their government vouchers don’t cover the full cost of tuition and there’s no more public schools? And what will the people do when the government vouchers don’t cover the cost of health care?
These backward, greedy, corporatist motherfuckers love to quote Ronald Reagan – that trite bullshit about government not being the solution but rather being the problem. Government is simply the name we give to those things we do together because they are impossible to do alone. No one is going to build highways and railroads with their own money…and no one did. No one is going to build water, sewer, or electrical grids with their own money…and no one did. A FEW people will build their own private armies (see Blackwater / Xe)…look at how that turned out. And it sure wasn’t any of that twisted theocrat Eric Prince’s overpaid mercenary thugs that went into Pakistan and killed Osama bin Laden.

It’s time these ignorant, willfully blind, steadfastly false, power hungry, greedy bastards were confronted with their misfeasance, non-feasance and malfeasance…and made to damn well pay for it. They ought not only be stripped of power, but everything that comes out of their mouths should be questioned, examined and treated like raw sewage; the default position should be, “That’s just more Republican offal being dumped into the road in order to impede honest debate on the issues.”
At some point, and how it might come to pass is a mystery (since it hasn’t yet despite their almost endless list of utter incompetence), the approximately 50% of the population who think these brainless tits have anything to offer in terms of constructing a just society are going to have to wake up and understand they are being lied to by drooling imbeciles.


2 Responses

  1. “There’s no question that we are moving, step by step, closer to socialism. So that puts democracy at risk to some extent.” Rep. Tim Scott

    Even with the “To some extent”, this is still a totally moronic comment. First, as you mention, socialism and democracy are not mutually exclusive. All you have to do is to spend 15 seconds researching post-WW2 Europe to know that’s complete bullshit. Plenty of socialist governments over the years and yet they’re all still democracies.

    The second reason this is dead wrong is because America is not getting more socialist. If anything, it might actually be getting less socialist, what with all the privatizations, vouchers and the cuts to what-have-you.

    But I’ve got to add/correct/contextualize a couple things you wrote:

    1) Obama didn’t just bail out the auto sector, he got the government to buy into it. Although it appears to be ownership without the control that comes with ownership, It was probably a much smarter move than just handing them money. But such ownership does count as a socialist move. But that’s really the only “socialist” move he’s made worth noting…and it’s worth noting that it has seemed to work.

    2) Like the wars, the biggest complaint to be made with Obama is that he has too often continued with Bush policy. This has led to financial bailouts of criminal fraudsters at the expense of the American people.

    But even when he’s continued Bush policy, he’s made it no worse than it was and often came up with a better version. (See: Killing Osama)

  2. God, you’re so good, Avi. If we could just force feed your posts to the rabble, we just might have a smarter population.

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