Stupid Texans

As if giving the world George W. Bush weren’t proof enough that dangerously stupid things come from Texas, there’s another skirmish shaping up on the Evolution versus “God Done It” front.
It’s one thing to be so stubbornly ignorant and willfully blind to deny the fact of evolution, but the cretins in the Lone Star state insist on confusing evolution with abiogenesis.
Evolution is the process of mutation and natural selection that explains speciation – the diversity of life on this planet. Abiogenesis is the mechanism by which life formed in the first place.
The imbecilic boneheads down in Sam Houston country insist that ‘Life couldn’t just come from nuthin’ so god musta dunnit.’
Of course, no one argues that life came from nothing, but the problem is that where life came from – how those first replicating molecules formed – has nothing whatsoever to do with evolution which is a demonstrable fact and supported by more than enough evidence to send someone to death row in that very same state.
It doesn’t phase them even a little bit that scientists have managed to create DNA and RNA in the lab, they still engage in the infinite recursion of, “Well, what caused THAT?” And it will not matter when science provides excellent evidence answering their question…they’ll just repeat the question. The prime mover, the first cause, whatever it was, MUST be god…and not just any god – no muskrat putting earth on the back of the turtle for these insistently stupid assholes. No sir. It was Jesus. They know it, and they want it taught in the science classroom.
Brainless fuckwits.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve never understood why so few on Team God don’t merely shrug off Evolution as “one of God’s clever tools”. Instead, they insist on being tools themselves by opposing the science. It’s much wiser to assign God the credit for the facts than to deny they exist. They should embrace science as “the quest to better understand God’s work”. That’s a much more defendable position.

    Didn’t these folks learn anything from the Catholic Church v Galileo case? When you bet the credibility of your church on something that is not fundamental to your belief system, you can’t gain anything. You can only lose.

    Sure, Evolution is a little more challenging of their faith than how planets rotate, but not much. Faith is supposed to be a positive proposition, not a collection of disbeliefs in everything else. That’s what it’s becoming. You put yourself on the wrong side of the facts long enough and nobody takes you seriously anymore.

    Unless they start to evolve, they will eventually just “naturally select” themselves right out of existence.

  2. You might want to be careful with the phrase “…supported by more than enough evidence to send someone to death row in that very same state.”
    You’re talking about Texas. They don’t need no stinking evidence to execute anybody.

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