Burial at Sea / Souvenirs

624. If it is feared that an enemy may dig up the grave and exhume the dead body and amputate its ears or nose or other limbs, it should be lowered into sea, if possible, as stated in the foregoing rule.

Obama: Come in, Rahm. Good to see you. How’re things back in Chicago?

Rahm: Oh, you now. Same old fuckin’ thing, different fuckin’ day. Bribe this fuckin’ guy, have that fuckin’ guy killed.

Obama: Yeah, yeah. Hey, you heard about Osama?

Rahm: Fuckin’ A-right I heard. Wish I could have been here for that. Good fuckin’ job, B.

Obama: Look at this.

Rahm: What. The. Fuck. Is. THAT?

Obama: What does it look like?

Rahm: Are you fuckin’ serious? You got his BALLS in a JAR??? B…you fuckin’ rock! When this second term is over, I got a gig for you in Chicago.

Obama: I’ll tell you what. You get Blagojevich’s nads in a jar and I’ll fly you down here…we can hit the driving range and see if your irons have improved any.

Rahm: You know I hate fuckin’ golf. I’m down a finger.

Obama: I’ll let you hit one of Osama’s.

Rahm: Fuckin’ A. You’re on.


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