Mission Accomplished

No phony flight suit strutting in front of a banner exclaiming boastful ignorance; no moving the goalposts in the face of repeated incompetence and failure. No excuses.

It has to be ripping the skulls off the pants-wetting, racist neocon fuckwits who love to call President Obama weak and incompetent in matters of national security; effete, elite, opposed to American exceptionalism, to have this man succeed so dramatically where they spent a full decade in sputtering pathetic failure.

And what was President Obama doing at that specific moment? Was he gearing up for a carrier landing photo-op? No. Was he strapping on six-guns for a juvenile, “Bring it on” cowboy comment? No.
He was hilariously gutting the simpering buffoons who were stupid enough to question the place of his birth while a few thousand miles away, the best of America’s best were finishing the job at the orders of a competent, able, determined president.

Suck it Teabaggers. Suck it GOP.
Obama 2012.



One Response

  1. Yeah, I heard about this on the radio during the drive in to work today.

    Still getting my head wrapped around it, but how will we carry on without him?

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