Breitbart et al

President Obama accomplished in two years what the pants wetting National Security hawks in the GOP could not in eight…and the pathetic post on Breitbart’s fake news slander cast doesn’t even mention his name.
The comments are even more reprehensible in their refusal to give credit; to recognize the quiet competence in stark contrast to flight suited photo ops before banners exclaiming imbecilic and false boasts.
The poor pathetic chickenhawks, racists, teabagging buffoons are so committed to their delusions that even the killing of National Enemy #1 – the result of a hands on, carefully orchestrated mission conceived and executed under the command of President Barack Hussein Obama – does not elicit even a sliver of contrition; not so much as a, “Well done, SIR,” or a sheepish, “Gotta give the man credit for this one.”
You Conservative assgrabbers with your concealed carry sidearms, 2nd Amendment swagger and Toby Keith lyrics notions of patriotism need to fetch a stepladder so you can climb up out of the sad gutter in which you exist and kiss President Obama’s ass.


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  1. Saw Breibart for the first time in years. He was on Bill Maher’s show this weekend.

    I’m glad I barely know of this asshole. Even when he’s trying, he can’t turn his Douche Switch off. He can’t even sit still in a chair and listen to others for more than 5 seconds at a time without trying to take over.

    Even when he’s got a valid point to make, he still has to be an asshole about it and/or turn it into a competition or shouting match.

  2. Have you seen this piece of crap?

    • Does it never occur to these fuckwits that any alternative explanation is ridiculous.

      Either OBL is still alive, in which case he pops up and completely destroys the president.
      Or he died some other way (I’ve heard people say diabetes/kidney failure), in which case there would be witnesses / medical records / a corpse / a grave / some fuckin’ thing that would be able, when presented, to completely destroy the president.

      The premise of this wingnut proposition is that Obama is lying; operating some sort of “I got OBL” con for political gain. But if it IS a lie, then it’s a lie that cannot be controlled internally and is open to being exposed by anyone with any motive to harm the POTUS. Obama would have to be a fucking moron to make the claim.

      The only way the “conspiracy” works is if OBL is dead and they KNOW he’s dead, and they KNOW his body can never be recovered under any circumstances…
      And then how do you explain the raid into Pakistan and all the people who witnessed it (at least one who fucking TWEETED it as it happened!)…elaborate cover? Jesus.

      It really is a case of some twisted, desperate desire to smear Obama crossed with a shocking degree of brainlessness. Or, at least, the expectation that the audience for such a load of crap is fucking brainless.
      Frankly, if I were a wingnut teabagger asshole, I’d STILL be insulted that they would foist such stupid shit and expect me to buy it.

      • Tweets? Oh yeah, I trust them! Too bad the Twit didn’t take one in the eye too.

        How did that Tweet go again?

        “wait a sec bff…chuppers noyse bang bang boom! sum guy cring mommie…ok lets gets sum curry”

        Pulitzer shit there!

      • I completely agree with you about this politically motivated conspiracy theory stuff. It stems purely from the desire to accuse Obama of something and keep him from looking good. But it’s important to separate that bullshit from legitimate skepticism of the official story. That said, legitimate skepticism can be easily exploited by the politically motivated. I think this is what they’re hoping for.

        I know it’s still early days and the surprise hasn’t worn off yet, but I myself am dubious of the official version because:

        1) I’m just that kind of a guy. I have trouble believing any good news.

        2) I’ve already heard 7 differing versions of the event from legitimate media sources. This is how doubt gets formed.

        3) The official story is just a little too good. It gives me the same feeling I had the first time I heard the Jessica Lynch story; There’s the (now contested) claim that Osama hid behind a woman. Did he roll his moustache and talk about torturing puppies too? They assault the hideout of The Most Dangerous Man In The World whose organization can supposedly kill any of us at any moment and the only American casualty was a helicopter? The most important helicopter mission in decades and a chopper stops working for no reason and they have to destroy it on “friendly” turf? What are the odds of that? It may be standard practice, but it still sounds dubious, as if they were trying to make events conform to a pre-ordained narrative.

        4) The lack of evidence produced. A DNA sample is great for proving the dead guy is Osama, but who’s questioning that? What they might lie about is the capture story. (ie He was tortured before being shot.) and DNA is useless for that. When a body is disposed of so quickly and so permanently, it smacks of a cover-up. The idea the splash & dash burial was done “out of respect” is hysterically funny.

        5) Most importantly. It has been clearly demonstrated by history (and Wikileaks) that government’s default position on important matters is to lie. (Government + War = Lies) Even when it serves no purpose, even when there is nothing to lose from telling the truth, the default position is to hide the whole truth.

        To clarify, I’m not claiming anything didn’t happen the way they say it did. I’m saying there is legitimate room for some doubt. Should we live to 257, maybe then we’ll get to read the declassified truth and all doubt will be removed.

        I’m also saying that the Obama administration should have expected and prepared for a high level of skepticism and politically motivated conspiracy theories. They should have shot them down in their tracks by providing every bit of evidence they could. I mean, the guy just finished coughing up his birth certificate to prove an obvious & meaningless fact. Did he think he wasn’t going to need evidence on this one?

        Me? I would have released the video (you know it exists) and left the corpse on the steps of congress for a month to rot…which would seriously rock!

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