Trump / Birthers = Racists

“I have a great relationship with the blacks.”
~Donald Trump

No matter how much they scream their indignant denials, and without regard to how sincere and utterly lacking insight or self-awareness those denials might be, the simple truth is that anyone who questions the President’s place of birth and elegibility to hold office is a stone racist.
This is the pathetic truth of Republican Strategy all the way back to Nixon…and well before.
They were warned by Liberals that shaking loose the ignorant racists via the Southern Strategy; that poking white fear over immigration, lying about taxes, and lubricating America’s backdoor for the unfettered pleasure of corporate greed would have ugly consequences – that, sooner or later, begging mouth breathers for support by promising to protect fetuses, run all the busboys and farm workers out of town, and make the government stop keepin’ Real Murcans down would turn ugly when the bills came due.
And all of those warnings, among many others, have now come true. Those who pay the piper are calling the tune, and the GOP is now faced with a slate of candidates that are precisely the emergent symptoms of craven policy: Palin, Bachmann, Barbour, Gingrich, Santorum – a wagon load of theocratic fuckwits whose only appeal is to the backward, inbred, uneducated, knuckle-dragging Jebus freaks that pray before velvet paintings of Ronald Reagan, rejoice in misspelled racist NoBama posters, and gobble down every twisted lie hoarked up by World Net Daily with all the critical thinking of cliff bound lemmings.
While Bill Buckley spins in his grave, and Boehner and Cantor keep doubling down on their trusty old system of card counting even though the deck has been changed, someone had the bright idea that all they really needed was a counterweight – someone to make their three-ring circus seem attractive by setting up a tent full of true freaks on the next lot. Enter The Donald.
Bad Hair, too much money, public divorces, a true tit-job horn dog, a slum lord who went broke running a CASINO! His divorces make Gingrich look better by comparison; his reality show makes Palin’s look better by comparison; his rampant Birtherism makes ANYONE who simply says, “I take the President at his word” look better by comparison…
But, like almost every move made by the Republicans over the past thirty years, their myopic sense of the game and desperate faith in wrong headed principles backfires in at least two ways: It never achieves the end they want, and it’s bad for America.
At least for the moment, this attempt to make their pathetic slate of “candidates” appear reasonable next to a blathering clown is failing spectacularly: The clown is running neck and neck at the front of the pack, forcing anyone who wants to draw the yokels into the MAIN tent to put on floppy shoes and a big red nose.
The result of this fucking backward bullshit is clear: Come time to square up against the President in the general election, whoever winds up carrying the GOP banner will have traces of grease paint all over their face, a gait adopted from dancing around in size 42 shoes, a flower on their lapel that randomly spurts gobs of idiot jizz, and the unenviable task of then having to appeal to independents, Hispanics, blacks, the unemployed, the uninsured and the foreclosed. Meanwhile, the entire audience lured into the Freak Tent will be wondering what the hell happened to the big red nose, the wig and the bucket of confetti. They fucking well PAID for a bucket of confetti and face load of idiot jizz!
They will blame ACORN.


7 Responses

  1. Bad Hair, too much money, public divorces, a true tit-job horn dog,

    I don’t understand how anybody likes fake tits. It’s a true indicator of a flawed character in my book.

    a slum lord who went broke running a CASINO!

    Yeah. Excellent point. Just how the fuck do you go broke (twice?) running a casino? It’s as ridiculous as going broke running a bank.

    His divorces make Gingrich look better by comparison; his reality show makes Palin’s look better by comparison; his rampant Birtherism makes ANYONE who simply says, “I take the President at his word” look better by comparison

    Trump’s Birtherism is totally for show. He just sees it as a means to an end. The difference is he doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks of him. He doesn’t have to feign credibility. He can go whole Birther hog because, at the end of the day, he’s a billionaire and he’s just doing this for fun.

    Not that I paid much attention, I think Donald’s divorces were somewhat Trumped up for attention. I don’t think they come remotely close to Newt serving divorce papers while his wife was in the hospital fighting for her life. It’s one thing to be getting a little “consolation” on the side like Edwards did. It’s another thing to do a celebratory “In your face, bitch” dance and seeking to actually replace you with another wife before you die. That’s a seriously nasty, nasty, person.

    I haven’t watched either idiot’s Reality TV show, but Reality TV all sucks shit. The best evidence for Trump’s being “less worse” is that his has been on a major network for several seasons, whereas Palin’s ran on TLC for one. But the mere fact that 2 candidates for President have their own Reality TV show is disturbing beyond belief and fills me with dread for the future.

    This is what it’s come to. Attention seeking clowns seeking the highest office…and being taken very seriously. If either does well, look for a Snookie-Situation ticket in 2016.

    • Yeah…dread. With each passing day, it seems more and more hopeless.
      Idiots busting unions and hoarding cash, firing teachers, laying off nurses, gutting fire departments, crumbling infrastructure, selling off all the shit we built with our tax dollars – power grids, water lines, roads, hospitals, schools – lying their greedy, craven, clutching holes off about the fiscal emergencies they created with their myopic backward fucking policies in order to justify it all; hundred million dollar salaries and billion dollar bonuses for filling the Gulf of Mexico with toxic chemicals to hide the oil they spilled through misfeasance, non-feasance and malfeasance…
      Fuck civility. These idiot fuckers need to be strung up.

      • Yeah, I take it you heard about the head of Fuckupcorp getting a million dollar pay raise for 2010 being the company’s best safety year on record, despite having a rig blow up and causing probably the biggest oil spill of all time?

  2. HuffPo reports (4/26) the Trump now thinks Obama is too stupid to have gotten into an Ivy League school. (Trump went to Wharton). I assume he’s implying Obama benefitted from affirmative action. Trump seems determined to go full KKK on our asses. Stupid fuck.
    I’d bet my house on Obama in a dueling IQ test challenge between the two. In fact, I’d bet my house on ME against Trump.
    People like Trump always think their wealth is proof of intelligence. I shudder to think what the future holds now that Sarah Palin is getting rich.

    • Trump/Palin. No…wait! Gingrich/Trump! Hang on a sec…Bachmann/Huckabee! Wait…I’m just getting warmed up. Palin/Gingrich, or Huckabee/Trump…or Trump and whoever wins Apprentice: Trump/Meatloaf!

      At what point does this shit stop being politics? At what point does the GOP…the American people…the media…start calling this what it is…whatever it is: Satire, a joke, an embarrassment….
      This shit is fucking fruitloops.

      • You forgot Palin/Bachman.

        Jesus fucking Christ! Just the fact that this is a realistic possibility is enough to make me want to blow my brains out.

        Is there any way to get the genie back in the bottle?

        By the way, Cousinavi, marked an X on your Canuckistan ballot yet? At least our choices are marginally less lame.

  3. Please note the change in my email address.

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