Donald Trump…You’re Fired

Donald Trump has always been an idiot. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to go broke with a casino – a business where the house always wins? The blathering, arrogant mouthpiece was born with a silver spoon in his gob, rode the real estate bubble into the land of the uber wealthy and still managed to become better known for his string of public affairs and divorces, all while leveraging his faux “I built this empire with my own two hands” bootstrappiness into a reality show – the NYC real estate answer to Snooki.

Now cranked up and high as a kite on his own plastic image and warped from huffing hair spray, he has it in his head that he would make a fine president of the United States. He has pulled his Midas thumb out of his gilded ass to test the waters with his own brand of emphatic crap and managed to boost the amount of attention he can suck up from the mouth breathing imbecile baggers by honking hard down Birther Road.
Trump has, apparently without anything resembling thought, insisted on repeating every soundly debunked bit of World Net Daily Birther horseshit he’s ever heard.
Trump trots out the completely dismantled bullshit about President Obama’s grandmother saying he was born in Kenya; suggests that no one recalls a young Barack Obama in Hawaii – that no nurses or doctors can be located who recall his birth; that the birth announcement published in the Hawaiian newspaper might have been faked or placed only to scam the system, and insisted that there’s some significant difference between a “Birth Certificate” and a “Certificate of Live Birth” despite the repeated assurances of the State of Hawaii.

As if throwing all this discredited red meat to ignorant racists weren’t offensive enough, Trump goes further – saying that he’s “looked into it” – as if his magical business acumen and brilliant hair would be capable of uncovering that dark hidden secret that the few metric assloads of time and money spent digging into this issue by rabid racist teabaggers must have missed because, of course, they are not The Donald. And, also of course, such evidence would have been missed or covered up by the Clintons back in the Democratic primaries because they simply wouldn’t have the resources or the genius of Donald Fucking Trump.

Calling Donald Trump arrogant and stupid is like calling water wet…and like all soggy things, sooner or later the mold starts to grow.
Gail Collins exposed the batshit insanity and rabid racist appeal of the Trump presidential hopes in her New York Times column of April 2.
Donald, in a venal display of the sort of idiocy that lets him, with a straight face, refer to Gary Busey as a genius, penned a response:

Even before Gail Collins was with the New York Times, she has written nasty and derogatory articles about me. Actually, I have great respect for Ms. Collins in that she has survived so long with so little talent. Her storytelling ability and word usage (coming from me, who has written many bestsellers), is not at a very high level. More importantly, her facts are wrong!

As far as her comments on the so-called “birther” issue, I don’t need Ms. Collins’s advice. There is a very large segment of our society who believe that Barack Obama, indeed, was not born in the United States. His grandmother from Kenya stated, on tape, that he was born in Kenya and she was there to watch the birth. His family in Honolulu is fighting over which hospital in Hawaii he was born in-they just don’t know.

Nasty and derogatory are a matter of opinion. Thankfully, truth is a full defense to actions for libel. Donald has not sued.
Parenthetically, however, writing a best seller – or even many of them – is no proof of writing ability (See Dan Brown, James Frey, Sarah Palin…)
That a large segment of ignorant, uneducated, racist fuckwits agree with a particular proposition is not evidence for the truth of the proposition.
The grandmother crap has been ripped to shreds, and a disagreement between distant relatives about which Hawaiian hospital President Obama was born in…well, that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee.

The term used by Ms. Collins-“birther”-is very derogatory and is meant in a derogatory way. Had this been George Bush or almost any other President or Presidential aspirant, they would never have been allowed to attain office, or would have been thrown out of office very quickly.

For some reason, the press protects President Obama beyond anything or anyone I have ever seen. What they don’t realize is that if he was not born in the United States, they would have uncovered the greatest “scam” in the history of our country. In other words, they would become the hottest writer since Watergate, or beyond.

The term Birther is properly employed. It IS derogatory, and rightfully so. The argument about other presidents is revealing, especially in light of the fact that all of them were white. The argument about other presidential aspirants is simply false – none have ever been asked about birth certificates, including all of the black ones (Frederick Douglas in 1888, Shirley Chisholm, Jesse Jackson, Alan Keyes, Carol Mosely Braun and Al Sharpton). The only president ever questioned about his birth certificate is the only black one ever to hold the office.

Trump further embarrasses himself and reveals the paucity of his intellect when he claims that “the press” is somehow protecting President Obama on the issue of his birth. The press has investigated the issues raised by the Birthers and found them all to be the product of lies, ignorance, selective editing, bad photoshop skills, racism and wrongheaded buffoonery. But, like Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Bachmann, Savage, Gingrich and the rest of the blithering fuckwits who rely on racism, ignorance, ginned up inventions and lies to draw attention to their otherwise idiotic and incompetent platforms, twisting facts 180 degrees is simply standard operating procedure.

The sooner this arrogant, twisted, backward blowhard with a truckload of unwarranted certainty is sent strutting back to his Librace decor penthouse and preening, self-aggrandizing reality show…and made to take anyone who thinks he could be anything but the embarrassment he plainly is along with him, the better.


9 Responses

  1. What is definition of a “natural born citizen”?

  2. Does Donald Trump actually believe any of this horseshit? I doubt it. Trump is an asshole, but unless he has somebody dress him in the morning, he has the brainpower to know all this Birther nonsense is horseshit. Having the brainpower to dress yourself in morning is all that’s required to know Birtherism is bullshit.

    I think what’s happening is that he saw the poll that said a majority of Republicans are now Birthers (going up not down, which is very telling) and the consummate show/con man said to himself, “If that’s what they want, Let’s Make A Deal”. (with apologies to fellow Canuck Monte Hall.) Ever the capitalist, Trump sees a market demand for a product and he’s selling the hell out of it. Smart product? Stupid product? All the same to him. Art Of The Deal, baby.

    Becoming the lead Birther politician has a obvious political advantage for a newly minted Republican candidate. But this is a deal with no downside. More (but not many) of the public will abandon him for running as a Republican than will abandon him for spewing Birther bullshit. Because he’s selling Republicans what they want, he will profit.

    But even if they ever realize they were sold a defective product, they won’t take it out on him because they believed it first. If anything, Trump’s involvement allows more people to feel more confident in their Birther leanings. “It fooled that rich fellow who’s on TV too, so I’m not that stupid. It fooled us all. Let’s just move on and pretend it never happened”

    But is Donald Trump even a Republican? I seem to recall him threatening to run before as an Independent and actually becoming a member of the Democrats. At the end of the day, the only thing he believes in (other than his own greatness) is making deals, getting in the headlines and fucking young models.

  3. Sorry…no. Birther posts get deleted. Fuck that shit, you ignorant fucktard. [Ed]

  4. Great piece, as always Cuz. This one is especially salty, I dig it!

  5. With any luck, that fucking animal that lives on his head will get rabies and bite him. Nah. The critter would catch hubris and run for president, name a grotesque building after itself or marry a supermodel.

    • Didn’t you know that Trump’s hair is a symbiont, like Dax on Star Trek Deep Space 9? When The Donald dies, The Trump will be taken off his head and inserted onto a new host.

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