Jack Cafferty is an ASSHOLE

CNN pundit Jack Cafferty finally reveals just how fucking stupid, craven, backwards and ass fucked he really is:

Americans have become alarmingly dependent on handouts from Uncle Sam, according to a new report.

Government social welfare programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and unemployment insurance made up 35% of all public and private wages and salaries last year. That’s more than one-third of all the money Americans earned.

Listen up, Jack, you conservative ass-kissing know-nothing: SOCIAL SECURITY and UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE are not handouts, you stupid, yammering fucktard.
People spend their entire lives PAYING INTO Social Security.
A portion of EVERY FUCKING paycheck is paid into Unemployment INSURANCE.
It AIN’T a “handout”, you blithering cock. It’s getting your own money back.
If you’re too stupid to know that, quit appearing on television and pretending you’ve had an education and possess sufficient brain power to present a considered opinion.
If you’re not too stupid to know that, then STOP FUCKING LYING, quit your cunting job and go to work for the fucking Koch brothers.


3 Responses

  1. In the same vein, Cafferty gets a handout from the government every time he drives his car on a government paid for road.

  2. I actually agree with your post. That said, it’s unsustainable and has to be changed. In no way would I suggest stopping Social Security or Medicare for older people that have paid into all their lives. Your absolutely right, it is their money and they deserve to have it. And your right people pay into unemployment and should get it when times are tough.

    The problem is simply we are living longer. Social Security, btw it’s really Social Security “Insurance” that is the proper name, the Insurance part has been long dropped. It was a scam to begin with. You were never suppose to collect and if you did it wasn’t for very long.

    Most people truly don’t understand why pensions, public run or private run. (government run and say a car company for example. (And make no mistake about is SSI and Medicare is a type of Pension, just a shitty one.)) They are unsustainable simply because your debt obligations are always growing, yet the money coming in to support those obligations might not be able to keep up or worse decline. That’s what happened for the car companies, that’s what happened to the states and teacher unions among others and thats what’s happened to SSI. There used to be like 17 employed people supporting 1 SSI recipient now there is like 3 or something. (don’t quote me on the numbers, but Im close).

    Say you have a company with 10 employees and 1 retires. Now you hire their replacement. Depending on how much the union screwed you. You now have between 10.25 – 11 employees. yet your company or in the case of SSI government has more debt obligations but yet you might be bringing in same or worse less money to support it.

    • Stuff your ignorant Ayn Rand bullshit up your ass. You are a blithering ignorant fuckwit who plainly lacks the ability to do simply math and never once entertained anything remotely orbiting a serious question.

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