Rush Limbaugh – Rascist

From HuffPo:

On his Thursday show, Rush Limbaugh wondered “how many people really think” of President Obama as a black man.

Limbaugh’s comments came as he leafed through a new book by U.S. News and World Report writer Kenneth Walsh about African Americans and the presidency. The book recounted a meeting in the White House, where Obama said he was concerned that “race was probably a key component” in some of the opposition to his presidency.

Limbaugh, not surprisingly, objected strongly to this idea, calling it “classless” and baseless of Obama to think that race was involved in peoples’ animus towards him. Then, he said that Obama was not even thought of as black by most people:

“Let me ask you a question. How many people really think of Obama as black? …One of Obama’s parents is black. Undeniable. But he was raised by a white mother, by white grandparents. He went to a highly exclusive private school in Hawaii with rich, white students and white teachers. He went to exclusive colleges that were practically lily-white. Barry Obama is from a very white, albeit radically left, cultural background. He’s not from the hood. He’s not from the movement…I’m telling you, there is a chip on this guy’s shoulder, and it is a factor in every policy decision that he makes.”

Let me make it simple for you, Rush, you bloated, ignorant, uneducated, classless, drug addicted, sex tourist, cuntwaffle…
If you look at ANYONE and make assumptions about who they are, what they think, their competence, talents, weaknesses, proclivities, or ANY FUCKING THING ELSE on the basis of the color of their skin, you’re a racist.
If you think that black people, in order to be REAL black people, have to grow up in the ‘hood, you’re a racist.
If you think that growing up in a white neighborhood, attending lily-white schools and having a pale parent means you can’t be a REAL black person, you’re a racist.
If you think there ISN’T a shocking and depressing number of Americans who hate President Obama and oppose his policies BECAUSE his skin is black, you both deny and defend the most blatant and plain demonstrations of outright racism…and that makes you a racist.
If you allege that there’s “…a chip on this guy’s shoulder,” based on any of the foregoing, YOU. ARE. A. RACIST.

That you could possibly force that saggy carcass in which your sclerotic brain draws oxygen through the flips and twists required to imply that Barack Hussein Obama, the first black, mixed-race president of the United States, is touchy and reactionary when it comes to issues dealing with race, while absolving yourself and your legion of brainless, Real American, tea-party asshole dittoheads of the almost constant stream of Southern Strategy dog whistling – from chimpanzee posters, to fried chicken and watermelon, to “Barack the Magic Negro” – is not only one of the most stunning displays of projection ever…
…it makes you a racist.


4 Responses

  1. It’s funny how fans of Obama either see him as white (or as the Great Half-White Hope for black people). His enemies see him as black.

    And this one stuck out too

    Barry Obama is from a very white, albeit radically left, cultural background.

    It implies leftists aren’t real white people. Another case of the “pure-laine” -eh?

  2. I wonder how many people really think Limbaugh is a stupid fat-assed junkie?

  3. Made my day, this one

  4. Hahaha Awsome much love from a Christian Canadian fan….Eh?

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