Please Explain the 1st Amendment to Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is again demonstrating that she doesn’t understand the constitution of the United States, or the notion of Freedom of Speech.

Some Background:
The USSC just ruled in a lawsuit brought against the Westboro Baptist Church assholes by the father of a slain soldier. The Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps clan protested at the soldier’s funeral; the soldier’s father sued for intentional infliction of emotional duress.
With only Justice Alito dissenting, the court ruled that the right to free speech trumps the family’s right not to have that batshit, hateful, despicable bullshit expressed near services for their son.

I tend to agree with Alito – there ought to be some sort of limit; a test by which we uphold the principle of free speech but put a fucking lid on those Westboro fucktards. It could be done…there are plenty of similar balancing acts performed by jurists every day. However, I also understand the reasoning of the court in rendering the decision they did.

Nevertheless, it took less than a day for Sarah Palin to get it completely fucking wrong. She tweeted:

“Common sense & decency absent as wacko ‘church’ allowed hate msgs spewed @ soldiers’ funerals but we can’t invoke God’s name in public square,”

First of all, the Phelps clan – as backward, ignorant and disgusting as they are – are no more “wacko” than Palin’s Assembly of God church in Wasilla.
But the big problem with this brainless ditz in the red fuck-me pumps, who thinks she’s ready and able to be president, is that she hasn’t got even a murky notion of what the constitutional right to free speech MEANS, and has it muddled up with her not being permitted to make America into a Christian Nation.

Listen carefully, Caribou Barbie: You can invoke God’s name anywhere you damn well want. You can pray in the public square all you damn like. In fact, that being an utterly harmless and useless endeavour, here’s wishing you’d spend more time doing so.
What you CANNOT do is require others to pray, employ the power of the state to promote or endorse any religious belief, or cram your fucked up theology down the throats of the secular world by (for example) opening government meetings by invoking Jesus, or displaying the commandments on the courthouse wall, or using tax dollars to set up mangers in front of the town hall, or relying on your silly book of fables in crafting policy, or in developing public school curriculum.
GET IT THROUGH YOUR VACANT, THOUGHTLESS HEAD, you yammering dolt! Freedom of religion MEANS the right to be free FROM religion, and Freedom of speech does not give you the right to violate the rest of the First Amendment.

I hope the babbling neural klutz runs for president. I really do. Ignorant fucking hillbilly grifter.


11 Responses

  1. If she does run, she’ll be handing Obama’s 2nd term on a silver platter.

  2. Once again, Cousinavi, I have to remind you that Fargo Barbie being an obvious fucktard has not only failed to silence her, it’s helped her profile rise. Her running for Prez can only be a bad thing.

    1) She might win or get enough support to be taken even more seriously than she already is (undeservedly).

    2) Even if she gets her ass kicked, it might not change anything. Look at Rudy Giuliani. He blew about 60 million bucks to get 1 delegate and yet everybody has him on the short list.

    3) Most certain of all, it validates all the other fucktards and encourages them to further embrace their stupidity.

    Nothing good, other than tragi-comedy, can come from her running.

  3. She’ll never understand, she just doesn’t have the brain capacity. I don’t think she’ll actually run either, she’ll fuck with her bots to get their money but no, she’s happiest when she can be loud and mean spirited… and making the bucks. She’s also fucking lazy.

  4. I think she enjoys being a wealthy celebrity too much to run for president. Besides, if she couldn’t manage a full term as governor of Alaska, why would she want the job?
    Also, she’d have to make Glenn Beck her veep as insurance against assassination.

    • It’s possible she might not want the job, but she craves the attention it brings. I can actually see her quietly sandbagging her own campaign just so she can run again. I can certainly see her “running for VP”.

      At some point, probably sooner than later, she HAS to seek the “next step” or the attention she craves will wane.

      • I certainly hope you’re right. Publicity affects her the way sunlight affect a vampire. Besides, I need somebody to set up my punchlines.

        • I hate to disagree with you, but publicity affects her the way the blood of virgins affects a vampire.

          It’s the lack of attention that affects her the way sunlight affects a vampire.

  5. Sorry. I phrased that wrong. I know she likes publicity, but the more she gets the more unelectable she becomes.
    She has never answered a question without leaving me cringing.

    • Un-electable? Maybe. But also much harder to kill!

      There’s only one way to kill this blood sucking vampire bitch off and that’s to drive a large wooden stake deep into her vagina. Luckily enough, I’m the Van Helsing for the job!

      I’m willing to risk life, limb, and all kinds of STDs to rid the world of this monster.

      • Do you have any doubt The Palinpire would simply shriek and demand you drive the stake derper?

        • I’m sure she will. But I will drive my stake into her for as long as it takes to kill the beast. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the benefit of all mankind.

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