CEC Stage Band

There was a music teacher in Nova Scotia some years back. By the strength of his commitment, character and talent, he produced over many years the hottest fucking band of kids ever seen anywhere – the CEC Stage Band.
I’d tell you how hot these kids were but you wouldn’t believe me: Joanne Abraham, Jack Brownell, Paul Donat, Walt Cronkite, Fran Mowbray, Jim Cruickshank, George Clarke, Phil, Sarah, Kim…and it all came back to the culture of music fostered by one driven and dedicated madman, Ron McKay.
And to prove my point, I here present the most serious jam ever laid down by juveniles in powder blue suits.

I am rather profoundly disappointed in myself that I can’t name everyone.
Memory, it would seem, goes with the knees.
Still and all…fucking awesome, gang. Wow.


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