Posthumous Kennedy Slanders

Judicial Watch, which contradictorily describes itself as both conservative and non-partisan, has used the Freedom of Information Act to expose previously redacted FBI files concerning the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

Turns out that while visiting South American countries, Ted wanted to meet with members of the left-wing, and apparently visited legal brothels.

From Judicial Watch:

“The FBI’s reluctance to follow the law and release this material shows that it, too, is not above politics. Our tough fight with the Obama administration shows that it was not keen on letting the American people know that Ted Kennedy, one of Obama’s leftist politician heroes, liked to hang out with communists and prostitutes,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “We will continue to investigate why the FBI improperly chose to keep this information secret.”

As opposed to hanging out with folks like Auggie Pinochet, Manny Noreiga and Danny Ortega – the traditional Southern Hemisphere pals of American assholes.
Commies and whores, eh? I guess that makes Teddy very much like Jesus.


One Response

  1. Wow, I’m shocked that a womanizing drunk would ever visit a house of ill repute! Stunning!

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