And a White Bronco…

Sales of Glock pistols surges in wake of crazed Arizonan fucktard…

As I told Lecours last night, “Buy gunmetal stock.”

That’s right, you blithering tea party fuckwits. Obama is coming for your guns! What’s that? Oh…it’s THIS guy.


10 Responses

  1. As a fan of your blog, I have to ask, what’s wrong? No replies are appearing and nothing new is being posted.
    I’m guessing you’re still passed out and will come to in a day or so. I look forward to your recovery.
    Cheers, John

  2. Hope all is well. Missing the snark both here and at Cesca’s.

  3. Can’t be VD. Just had myself tested and the nature of our relationship, is, well, deeply personal. No need to share. It’s nobody’s business, really, if we buy a gallon of Mazola oil and, well, you know. Nope, nobody needs to know that. Very private. Would be wrong for me to go on and on about it. So I won’t. Yeah, that’s the right thing to do. See you this evening?

  4. cousinavi,
    I just happened upon your “work” and have wasted a thoroughly enjoyable two hours with your outrageously reasonable rants.
    Love it, love it, love it.
    So incredibly refreshing.
    I’ve used too many superlatives I’m sure but I am so glad I’ve found your blog.
    Just an aside, am I the only one who chuckles every time I hear or read “Peter King” and “Dick Armey” referred to in the same sentence?
    Keep up the good work, I’ll be back.

  5. I’m still alive. Just busy – dealing with shit that takes time and attetention…and also, the onslaught of things that make me pissed off enough to rant seems to be growing exponentially. I may be suffering from sort of overload / burnout of my motivational circuits. When you want to blast EVERYTHING, it’s hard to stay focused on a single target.
    Thanks for asking. Your concern is noted and appreciated. I’ll be back…

    • Held as a sex-slave by a bunch of Betel Nut Girls?

      Maybe we could arrange a trade? I’d be willing to sacrifice myself to save you from that fate.

  6. Does the shit that takes time and attention cut into rum consumption (shudder) or just ranting?

  7. Sorry to get off-topic, but this is of vital importance.
    Fort Wayne, IN, is having a poll over whether to name a city building after Harry Baals. Mr. Baals pronounced his name “Hairy Balls.’
    It is absolutely vital that every decent person vote for Harry Baals.

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