Safe and Free

I have nothing but the most profound respect for those who serve.
Nevertheless, it pisses me off to an indescribable degree when people say, “They’re keeping us SAFE and FREE.”
No, they aren’t. They serve, and at great personal risk. But what they do has NOTHING to do with keeping us either SAFE or FREE, and dressing it up as though they do, rather than admitting the truth, does both them and “Us” the worst sort of disservice. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan was EVER a threat to the freedom or safety of America. Not once. Not ever.
If you want to respect those who serve, at least be honest about how they’re being wasted.


4 Responses

  1. “They’re keeping us safe and free” is more wishful thinking than anything else. We so desperately want to believe it’s true, The Powers That Be can get away with ANYTHING if that statement is attached to their actions.

    People actually have a hell of a lot more to fear from their own governments (and fellow citizens) these days than from 3rd world peasants in Bumblefuckistan, even though they can pack a punch from time to time.

    This summer’s G20 meetings in Toronto sure proved how much governments care about their citizens. Jaw dropping shit.

  2. I don’t even respect them. Our country has not been attacked by another country since Pearl Harbor. They’re high school grads who can’t get an actual productive job.
    Our Air Force alone could easily repel any attack against us our any ally. The military is mostly just a government jobs program – which is a good thing. But why not have them repair roads and bridges rather than meddle in various civil wars that don’t concern us? They consume about a third of the US budget. Why do the “deficit hawks” love them so much?

    • Cuz the deficit hawks are also the foreign bogeyman hawks who insist that our security is constantly under threat from those who hate our freedoms. One country under fear.

    • It’s all mental manipulation. Supporting The Troops is just a way to use the noble imagery of young men sacrificing themselves for the common good as an artillery barrage to soften you up for the real attack.

      If you can’t appreciate young American men offering up their lives to keep you safe, then you are a callous motherfucker who doesn’t deserve his Freedom, or so the logic goes. Because, as we all know, the only thing between the unrestricted Liberty we have now (cough!) and every North American spending the rest of their lives in an (HBO’s) OZ-like environment is the US military.

      But once you buy into this, even a little bit, you are on the slippery slope. Once they get you standing and saluting The Troops, it’s only a stone’s throw from saluting the companies that make the weapons they use. Iranian human waves of the 1980’s Iran-Iraq War aside, what good are troops without weapons? Without weapons made by patriotic American companies employing patriotic American workers, we’d be overrun by whoever the current enemy that’s touted to overrun us is. And there you go down the slide.

      Ultimately, it’s ALL about sustaining the military-industrial-security-complex. It’s all about using a combination of irrational fear and romantic emotions to manipulate you into supporting, or even just accepting, the colossal expenses and abuses of keeping the war machine moving.

      And why do the Deficit Hawks go along when it costs such completely inexcusable amounts of money?

      1) It’s “patriotic” and you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of that one.
      2) Supporting the spending translates into campaign donations and other perks.
      3) Since weapons manufacturing is intentionally spread all over the nation for this very reason, building weapons means jobs in your jurisdiction.
      4) No matter how bad the economic climate is, there’s always money for your friends.

      That’s the thing I always find myself explaining to people. Even the biggest Deficit Hawk in the world will find the money to spend on himself and his friends, no matter deep the economy is in the shitter. It’s amazing how many people have trouble accepting that fact.

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