John McCain

h/t to Driftglass: “John McCain has spent the last two years proving beyond any doubt that he is now nothing more than a reckless, petulant husk made of bile and tantrums.”


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  1. The last 10 years have been kind of rough on poor old Grandpa.

    I always struggle with feelings of sympathy for the guy. For a rich, powerful dude, he’s had to eat a lot of shit sandwiches over the years. From being tortured, to being assassinated by Bush Co in 2000, to the recent attempted T-bagging he survived, he just gets abuse at every turn and comes back for more.

    His tombstone will probably read “OK. This time I give up.”

  2. I don’t feel sorry for him. He did it to himself. He sold himself to the far right extremists in return for the promise of an endorsement they gave only reluctantly, a decade later, and it still didn’t do him any good. Moreover, he’s responsible for plucking Caribou Barbie out of obscurity and foisting her upon the rest of the planet. Even if she doesn’t become president, how fair is it that people are getting tossed out of their homes while she gets millions of dollars each year for the excrement that dribbles out of her mouth? Oh – and Bristol Palin on that celebrity dance program. We now have to spend the next God-only-knows-how-many years watching the various members of this tribe of trailer park trash making goddamn fools of themselves at every given opportunity. For this reason alone, Cain deserves nothing but everlasting shame and contempt.

    His tombstone should read, “America, RIP. Thanks a lot, John.”

    • QFT, brother.

      We are deep down the rabbit ass.

    • I said that I struggle with feelings of sympathy. I’m not exactly having a candlelight vigil for the man. I just look at how far Grandpa’s fallen (and can’t get up!) and see how his life and fall parallels America’s. A talented screenwriter could turn him into a flawed, every-American in the Greek tragedy that is America.

      While McCain is certainly on the wrong side of things and far more wrong today than he used to be, not all of it has been by choice. Sure, he honestly believes in half the claptrap that comes out of his mouth. Believing in half of what you say would be very commendable for a politician these days, if not for the fact that he actually believes that claptrap. The other half of the stuff he does is straight up “I have to do this with a shit-eating grin, so I can keep the wolves at bay.”

      And that’s the problem. He isn’t the Bad Guy. (I wish I lived in a world where he WAS the baddest guy out there, but he ain’t even close.) He’s just found himself in a position where, in order to politically succeed, if not just survive, he must do the Bad Guy’s bidding. He is the Vichy France of Republicans. John McCain is a surrender monkey that is aiding the forces of evil by caving in to them. But McCain is arguably as much a victim as a perpetrator. He knows where the bodies are buried because he is one of them. I can see the pain in his face sometimes and the rationalizations he goes through in his head to continue the nonsense.

      The fact that he somewhat resembles a dying Anakin Skywalker without his James Earl Jones voice-box is both funny and relevant. Once McCain finally fell under the spell of the Dark Side of The Force, the game was over. He was merely a tool of the Evil Empire from then on. Something to be pitied.

      In a post-nuance world, it’s just too easy to vilify those who “ain’t with ya, so they’s against ya”, as one worthless motherfucker once said. I still (occasionally) try to hold onto “nuance” the best I can and my feelings about McCain may be an example. But no matter how you slice it, McCain is still preferable to most of his Republican peers. Who here thinks Dick Cheney is more desirable to have around in his place? If Grandpa ever does get pushed aside, I’m sure his replacement will make us all wish he was still around.

      As for McCain’s single biggest claim to destroying America, Fargo Barbie, I understand why he did it. When a woman has your cock in her mouth, it’s kinda hard to say “Sorry, but I’m not giving you the job” no matter how useless the job itself is.

      I hate him for unleashing her on us, but I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t have done the same thing. It wouldn’t be the first time I promised a woman a job in exchange for another job, so to speak. But what were his options? Who amongst us would prefer a blow job from Joe Lieberman or Rudy Giuliani? Rudy would do it, you know. That guy has no shame!

      • He isn’t the Bad Guy… He’s just found himself in a position where, in order to politically succeed, if not just survive, he must do the Bad Guy’s bidding. He is the Vichy France of Republicans. John McCain is a surrender monkey that is aiding the forces of evil by caving in to them.

        That’s my point. I know he isn’t the baddest guy out there, and, ten years ago, if we had to have a Republican, I’d have preferred him, certainly. But he he isn’t the man he was then, and he certainly isn’t the man he was ten, fifteen years ago – and he did so much of it to himself. I know he’s a victim, but he wanted it so badly that he swallowed their crap and kept coming back for more – “Thank you sir; may I have another?” I blame him for not stepping back and saying, “It just ain’t worth it.”

        I can see the pain in his face sometimes and the rationalizations he goes through in his head to continue the nonsense.

        Yeah, I saw a video of one of his rally appearances. The morons and lunatics who came to root for him turned on him when he said Obama wasn’t a Muslim and a terrorist. He tried to explain that, while he disagreed with Obama, he considered him a very decent man, and you’d think he’d just crucified Jesus all over again. As they were booing him, he had a look on his face that I interpreted as, “I can’t believe that I have to pander to these imbeciles just to get elected.” And then he wasn’t.

        Again – at moments like that one, he should have just hung it up and walked away. He’s had multiple opportunities, and continues to have them, but he just won’t do it. This isn’t commendable; it’s pathetic. Greed and ambition do terrible things to people.

        He should be encouraged strongly to retire, and if he won’t – well, them Capitol steps get icy in the winter. Old folks have accidents.

        • That’s why I struggle.

          I occasionally see those ghost-like memories of John McCains Past and curse the fucking system for transforming McCain into what he is. Sure, he volunteered for the abuse largely out of personal motivation. (I think the torture in Vietnam influenced his ability and desire to withstand/accept other tortures later in life.) But the way the system works, it takes all your negative traits and multiplies them. Then it takes your positive traits and ass rapes you with them. Very few come out unscathed.

          The ignorant, blood thirsty mobs and the power hungry jackals who inflame them for their own personal benefit are pure evil, The Dark Side of the political Force that carries the day in a landslide.

          I too wish McCain would retire before all remnants of decency or integrity he ever had (or appeared to) get bleached away. Or, in keeping with the Anakin Skywalker analogy, I hope he gets one last sack-filled moment, attacks the Emperor in a suicide move and goes out like a man. That would be cool.

          But then I think of what will replace him. To be specific, without McCain, this completely worthless, shamelessly self-promoting, tea-bagging, fucktard, asshole

          who was up to the gills in Abrahmoff money and who prattles nonsensical bullshit about “birth tourism”

          would have replaced McCain as Arizona senator.
          He was also named one of the Most Corrupt 2010 political candidates by CREW

          So, even though he’s at least a decade beyond his Best Before Date, I guess Gramps can stick around for as long as it takes Arizonans to get their shit together because the alternative is far worse.

          This is how far America has fallen. A guy who has gotten far worse than he was 10 years ago still looks great compared to the most likely alternative.

      • Oh, and this recent business with DADT – really, there’s just no justification. Appealing to Christian clergy for help “Why aren’t you all speaking out against this?” He’s been spewing this crap for so long now, he’s begun to believe it. He was supposed to be a fiscal conservative, social moderate. He called Jerry Falwell a spiritual terrorist, or some goddamn thing; the following spring, he was delivering the commencement address at Liberty.

        Really, there’s simply no excusing any of this. You can only appeal to desperation or senility for so long.

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