The ONE Thing You Will Not See…

Yet another Republican strategist (read lying bag of shit) has taken aim at Sarah Palin’s chances of winning a presidential election and found her wanting.
From HuffPo:

Sig Rogich, a Republican operative widely seen as influential and who worked on former President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection campaign, took aim at Sarah Palin’s qualifications to run for the White House in the next election cycle.

“I’m not overly enamored with [her],” he told the Nevada News Bureau on Monday. “As a candidate nationwide I don’t think she is electable for a presidency, and I think that over time you will see reasons why.”

Rogich suggested that big GOP names, such as Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, could be better Republican party picks to make a 2012 presidential run. Both men, as well as Palin, are rumored to be considering vying for a chance to run against President Obama.

Well, DUH! Only the deeply ignorant and those suffering some sick, twisted, chemical erection (h/t Cesca) for this vapid, lying, incompetent, brainless, yammering harpy could possibly think running an idiot of this caliber could possibly be a smart idea.

BUT, the one thing you will not see is the sort of division that threatened the Dems when it came down to a scrap between Obama and Hillary.
The Palinistas will not threaten to defect if they don’t get their vacant tramp nominated. For one thing, they hate black people far more than they love Sarah, and that’s saying something. Plus, they know they can trust Newt, Haley or Huckabee to truss up their guns and bibles and white privilege; to at least pay the same sort of lip service to imbecilic policies, barely submerged hatred, nagging paranoid frustration, and regressive thinking. Sure, they’ll come out and vote for the yammering idiot in the red leather pumps…but if they can’t have her on the ticket, they’ll vote (R) without blinking an eye.

Meanwhile, the Dems will be wondering if perhaps they ought to put Barack through a primary challenge. They’ll all be screaming and crying about the pet legislation they didn’t get; how Obama failed the base. Maybe they’ll stay home like they did in the midterms, and they’ll wake up to president Gingrich.


4 Responses

  1. Sorry, but I can’t agree on this one.

    Yeah, she might be encouraged to stay on the sidelines. (which is what all this inter-Republican blather is trying to accomplish) However, once she’s in it, I don’t see Sarah Palin bowing out for anything less than a VP nomination or a major cabinet post that will keep her in the only thing that matters to her…the spotlight. Oh yeah, and a suitcase full of money.

    Does anybody think this media whore is just going to go away out of the good of…anything or anyone? Even a Rudy Giuliani-esque single delegate result won’t stop her from fucking this chicken as far as she can. She’s probably already negotiating for a 2012 convention speech in prime time.

    “High negatives” or not, I’m still not ruling out her winning it all. I actually think that the biggest thing going against her is that the Republicans carried the mid-term elections and will be seen as back in control, thus taking just enough steam out of the “take our country back” movement to limit her to her most committed (pun intended) core supporters. If the Democrats had held on, she probably would have been the 2012 Republican nominee.

    America is just that crazy.

  2. I think they’ll nominate her because they’re not excited about anybody else (how can you jerk off to images of Huckabee?).
    I’m looking forward to her debate with Obama (she’ll have to do one – but she’ll refuse a second).
    All Obama has to do is let her yammer, then use a couple of words she’s unfamiliar with, such as “tree” or “dog.”

    • I’d love to see her get her ass handed to her in a debate. (Actually, I’d rather have her ass handed to me to do with as I please.)

      However, she might even gain from getting slaughtered in a debate because the public might respond negatively to “the big, bad, smarty-pants bully beating poor little Sarah up”.

      • I think you have a point. Remember how gently Joe Biden treated her in their debate. Obviously, he could have slaughtered her, but he would have been vilified for beating up a girl.
        Today’s HuffPo shows Obama easily beating any of the likely Rethugs, which is reassuring. But I still hope they nominate Lobotomy Barbie.

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