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The Empress Has No Brain

Cesca posted a link to this story in which Christine Todd Whitman, former Republican governor of New Jersey said, inter alia, that Palin lacks depth:

“I don’t think she’ll win nationwide, but she certainly will — when she went on the ticket with John McCain — energize the base. But the base isn’t big enough and Republicans should have learned that,” Whitman said. “You’ve got to start competing for the center. And so far, I haven’t seen a lot of outreach on the part of Sarah Palin for that. She’s more concentrated on that base and energizing them. Which is fine, but it’s not going to win you a general election.”

The point Bob was making is that to say such things about Queen Sarah is to call on the rage and blithering fucktarded screaming of those who think she’s just the downest-to-earthiest, real, honest, straight-shootin’est, goshdarn brilliant thinker there with the best ever winky solutions. He might be right about that.

I reproduce my comment here:

Lacks depth? DEPTH?

Sarah Palin is a vacant, phony, stupid, semi-literate put up job who quit everything she ever started and lies about everything else.
She’s ignorant of the issues, geography, economics, history and science; she’s bitter, vicious, petty and vengeful; she’s proudly uninformed, poorly educated and holds those who are in contempt – convinced that her reflexive, thoughtless, word salad responses are just as valid and worthy as anyone else’s because it’s her RIGHT as an American to have an opinion. She demonstrates an odd and dangerous correlation between not knowing anything and the strength of her conviction that she must be right – the more wrong she is; the less she knows about something, the more convinced she appears to be that she already knows enough about it and has arrived at the correct answer.
There’s something deeply and profoundly wrong with any country in which such a cartoon could be considered a legitimate candidate for any public office. A vapid blithering cheerleader for imbecility and incompetence. It is made all the worse that there is DANGER tied to simply saying so. The Empress not only has no clothes, she has no fucking brain. She’s clueless and motivated by nothing more than greed and a weird sense that she’s entitled to the power, the money and the adoration of her sycophantic, idiotic minions.

Posted by: cousinavi at December 14, 2010 2:21 AM


4 Responses

  1. On the other hand, she’s purty. That kinda balances it out.

    • Yeah. Unfortunately, I’ve got to admit I’d hit that. I hate myself for it, but the python has a mind of its own.

  2. There’s something deeply and profoundly wrong with any country in which such a cartoon could be considered a legitimate candidate for any public office. A vapid blithering cheerleader for imbecility and incompetence.

    Well put.

    Sure. I can see how some folks (especially those with limited intelligence) may have been caught off guard when she came out of nowhere. I can see how, in the high-tempo shitstorm of a campaign, folks who don’t pay much attention to important things might have gotten caught up in her aw-shucks attitude and/or fuckability.

    But that was over 2 years ago. There is no longer ANY excuse for falling for Fargo Barbie’s bullshit snake-oil. There’s no excuse for not seeing her as the completely incompetent, attention seeking, media whore that she is.

    Anybody who can’t see her, at the VERY least, as a vastly under-qualified candidate trying use her personality as a surf board to ride a tidal wave of ignorance to the top must be part of the ignorant wave she is riding.

    Becoming the flag-bearer of stupidity is unquestionably the smartest move she ever made. She is the avatar of the ignorant masses. She validates their ignorance and all she asks for in return is their attention and support.

    I’ve probably said this a thousand times now. Sarah Palin is a walking IQ test for America. The better she does, the lower America’s score gets. Just the fact she is considered a candidate for President constitutes a failing grade.

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