More News of The Vapid Resnick

Some time ago I wrote a post about the vapid and vacuous Linda Resnick. In writing the bit, I learned that she (along with her husband) were the owners of a bottled water company called Fiji Water. Now comes this piece from AlterNet:

Fiji is run by a military junta that has imposed martial law on the country, something that Fiji Water never seemed to have a problem with, until the rogue government went for the company’s pocketbook.

In reaction to the announcement that Fiji Water was shutting its doors, Wenonah Hauter, the executive director of Food and Water Watch, said she hoped it was a permanent closure. “Fiji Water exports bottled water to the U.S., which enjoys clean and safe water from the tap, while half of Fijians lack access to safe water,” said Hauter. “There is something wrong with this picture.

And so, not merely a filthy rich imbecile, but evil too. You go girl.


3 Responses

  1. Anybody who sells bottled water ought to be sentenced to 10 years of cleaning up the giant island of plastic shit floating between Hawaii and California.
    As a college kid, I worked a summer at a bottled “spring water” plant. We took Charleston, WV, municipal water, bubbled ozone through it, then put it in plastic bottles.
    The employees had to breathe the ozone, which is poisonous and left our lungs stinging.
    Come to think of it, anybody who buys bottled water anyplace where tap water is available should be shot.
    BTW, the stuff was called “Tyler Mountain” spring water. Don’t buy it.

  2. Yeah, bottled water is one of the bigger scams going.

    Take something you -and your customers- get delivered to your door for almost nothing, stick it in a plastic bottle, advertise it as the purest thing in the universe and make them go buy it at a store for a few bucks a litre. This is the kind of fraudulent ripoff you’d expect from the type of folks who pull phone scams on old ladies. But no, the biggest boys on the block are doing it.

    Pepsi is taking what the municipality provides for minimal cost to the entire city, trucking it all over the place and laughing all the way to the bank.

    Then you’ve got the Nestle formula.
    Set up in one watershed and suck it bone dry to supply the entire province with something they already have.

    But there are more concerns like:
    BPA in the bottle
    the environmental impact of plastic and trucking.
    the danger of feeding already obese multi-national corporate douche-bags.

    The idea that water is being imported from Fiji just multiples the offence 100 fold. Glad to hear they stopped.

  3. I have nothing to add, other than a hearty “THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!” for calling her an insufferable cunt in your previous article. Because she is, really and truly.

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