Looking Back at Barack

Back when Obama was almost certain to win the Democratic nomination, I wrote this.

Today, I posted this comment on Cesca’s blog:

Way back in the Dem primaries, when Hillary was being coy about where Obama was born and whether or not he was really a Christian (“I take him at his word”), and Bill was ginning up racists in West Virginia and Tardtucky, I wrote a blog post about how I profoundly wanted Obama to fight back; to call them on their shit with both fists.
Still, I recognized the wisdom (at the time) of his style – not counter punching – just maintaining a cool, focused…a presidential demeanor.
But the general election against Crash McCain and Caribou Barbie would be, I thought, another sort of scrap. Once again he faced opponents who refused to play by the Marquis of Queensbury rules. They threw low blows, kicked, choked, insulted, lied, rubbed salt in the voter’s eyes. I SCREAMED, “Fight back! Kick that cranky old fucker right in his wrinkled old nutsack!”
But again, Obama maintained an almost freakish calm. It didn’t matter to him that others were behaving like piss drunk baboons. He insisted on not rolling in the mud with pigs…or so I thought.
I’m beginning to get the idea he simply doesn’t know HOW to get down in the muck and choke the ever lifting fuck out of some asshole that really has it coming. And sometimes…SOMETIMES…that’s the only course of action that holds any possibility for a good result.
It’s like having a gun. MOST of the time, the vast majority of people are best served by not having a gun. Or if they have one, by not using it. But, as Eli Wallach said, “When it is time to talk, don’t shoot…but when it is time to shoot – shoot, don’t talk.”
The Clantons and McLowreys have done rode in and they’re talking about running the sheriff outta town. They’re down there at the D.C. Corral and it’s time someone stood up to them. They are not interested in talking. And so, another line from a classic western comes to mind: “You gonna pull them pistols or whistle Dixie?”


One Response

  1. I’ve argued this point with my fellow libtards several times and with a few exceptions they never seem to get it. They are still playing by the old rules, logic and reason will win the day. They dismiss Beck & Palin while feeling the results of their nonsense. Even your gun analogy would be too much for them. I love them, yes I do but sometimes I think the term libtard is almost correct.

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