Willie Busted Again

I just don’t fucking get it.
They could take a massive chunk of profits away from criminal enterprise, create a massive employment stimulus all over the US, develop a solid, lucrative tax base, and stop busting 77-year-old pot heads like Willie Nelson just by legalizing a fucking plant.
Get it through your heads, man: ANYONE that wants it is already getting it, you CAN’T stop it; the only questions are, “Who gets the money, us or them?” and “Are we gonna make this work FOR us or AGAINST us?”


3 Responses

  1. yeah, I’ve never gotten that. except they’re complete and total idiots, assholes, and fuckwads.

  2. Wasn’t Willie “grandfathered” when marijuana prohibition first came in? If not, he certainly deserves to be.

  3. Marijuana Prohibition is a complete farce. There are really only 3 reason why it’s still on the books:

    1) Unlike other drugs (like booze or happy pills), you can manufacture your own supply just as safe and effectively as the pros. You don’t need a corporation for this high. The idea that you can gain pleasure though self-sufficiency is a precedent the Powers That Be do not want to recognize. They want you as dependent as possible for everything.

    2.) Because it’s illegal, everyone using and growing is a criminal. This provides job security for law enforcement. The security-industrial complex loves the idea of keeping grass illegal because so many people use it. Basically, it opens up a majority of the population to criminal charges at some point or other.

    Because it’s illegal, criminals dominate the trade. This gives cops the chance to kick down the doors of grow-ops run by dangerous criminals. The chance to play macho hero is why many joined in the first place. Not many cops decided to join up because they saw TV shows where cops issue tickets for rolling stops or minor property crime.

    3.) Making marijuana legal would require making industrial help legal. While hemp isn’t the competitor it once was to the various industries that played a huge roll in getting it prohibited, it’s still one more potential competitor those industries don’t want.

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