Rock’Em Sock’Em Palin

Sarah Palin’s true nature – the irresistible need to strike back at anyone who criticizes her in any way; to smite her enemies real or imagined; to condescend to anyone with a real education, the ability to string together a cogent sentence, continues to reveal the slithering bitch.

Barbara Bush said she hoped Sarah would stay in Alaska. Her husband, G.H.W. Bush (former president and former director of the CIA…someone with REAL experience) said he thought Romney would make a good president.

Sarah responded almost immediately:

“I don’t want to concede that we have to get used to this kind of thing, because I don’t think the majority of Americans want to put up with the blue-bloods — and I want to say it will all due respect because I love the Bushes — the blue-bloods who want to pick and choose their winners instead of allowing competition,” Palin said.

That from a woman who asserts she hasn’t made up her mind about running, but would be willing to do so if her candidacy would help country. I’m no fan of the Bushes, but they ARE a family with three presidential terms, a couple of dozen years as governors (as opposed to one half term), and a directorship of the CIA on which to base an opinion.

But Palin isn’t only attacking the senior Bushes. She has some observations about John F. Kennedy as well. With regard to the famous speech on being a Catholic, Palin had this to say:

Kennedy’s speech “essentially declared religion to be such a private matter that it was irrelevant to the kind of country we are,” declares Palin, and Kennedy “seemed to run away from his religion.”

So far, that’s two presidents and one first lady Sarah Palin knows better than. Sounds like enough for one week, eh? Nope. Sarah also took aim at Michelle Obama:

I think she has got a different worldview and she is not hesitant at all to share what her worldview is. And I will take heat again for saying it on your show Laura but she encapsulated what her view of America is, I believe, unless she has evolved and things have changed in the last two years, but she said it on the campaign trail twice that it was the first time that she had been proud of her country when finally people were paying attention to Barack Obama. I think that’s appalling. We can think of this infinite number of reasons to be proud of American exceptionalism and it baffles me that anybody would have that view and then allow that view to bleed over into policy.

Take her anti-obesity thing that she is on. She is on this kick, right. What she is telling us is she cannot trust parents to make decisions for their own children, for their own families in what we should eat. And I know I’m going to be again criticized for bringing this up, but instead of a government thinking that they need to take over and make decisions for us according to some politician or politician’s wife priorities, just leave us alone, get off our back, and allow us as individuals to exercise our own God-given rights to make our own decisions and then our country gets back on the right track.

Even a generous parsing of these comments reveals Palin engaged in what Palin does best: Lying, twisting, contorting, inventing and being a vicious bitch while spewing out yet another nonsensical word salad.

So…let’s see: Two presidents, two first ladies…anything else?

From her new ghost written book on president Obama:

“I think ordinary Americans are tired of Obama’s global apology tour and of hearing about what a weak country America is from left-wing professors and journalists,” Palin says.

The main thrust of Obama’s speeches on the world stage have been that America is “somehow worse than other countries, that it is hypocritical about its ideals, falls short of its responsibilities, and is forever in need of correction”.

America yearns, she says, for presidents, whether Democratic or Republican, “who are not embarrassed by America, who see our country’s flaws but also its greatness: leaders who are proud to be Americans, and are proud of her every day, not just when their chosen ones are winning elections”.

Three presidents, two first ladies… If I were a partridge in a pear tree, I’d be thinking about moving to somewhere safe…maybe Iraq.
And, of course, Palin never once suggests a single thing she would DO to solve any of the things she complains about. She’s just certain that no one could do it better than she can, and that would seem obvious, since she so can so easily identify how all these incompetent boobs are fucking everything up.

Fuck I hate this blithering, vacuous cunt.


16 Responses

  1. You don’t hate her as much as i hate her. The woman has been driving me since 2008. She is a vacuous, cruel, downright evil narcissist of the worst kind, and if she should be elected, this country will crash and burn.

    I mean, seriously, can you imagine what she might do with all that power? From vanquishing her enemies to Gitmo to installing her idiot husband as her Chief of Staff, to starting WW3.

    How rigid are the immigration laws in Taiwan? [only half kidding]

    • After living and working legally in Taiwan for five years, you can apply for permanent residency…which is to say, “Pretty simple.” If you have a degree, you can get a job here teaching English like *snap* that. Cost of living is low, weather is mostly fine, cool travel opportunities abound…I came for a year – a working vacation – and have been here a decade.

      You don’t hate Sarah Palin more than I. That’s soon to be the OED definition of impossible: (adj.) A thing which may not, under any circumstances, exist or occur. Ex: “Pigs will fly when someone hates Sarah Palin more than Avi.”

      • Sounds lovely. I am, however, tied to the US, and my family. If it were just me, I would be so gone, and especially if the evil bitch wins.

        Btw, the a new vid went online the other day, apparently created by the Taiwanese, who apparently hate her too.

        • The Taiwanese don’t really know her. I think it’s just a gang of animation geeks that have a really good idea about how to get noticed. Still…fun to watch.

  2. That nasty steaming pile is going to be in my neck of the woods tomorrow, selling and signing books.
    If I were inclined to be out in the world tomorrow (which I’m not) I’d go, if I were inclined to even buy her fucking book (which I’m not) I’d buy it, stand in line for her to sign it, just to get face to face with her. I’d look her in the eye and tell her “Your pants are on fire”. (I really want to say more….) I figure they wouldn’t be able to arrest me, not a threat, eh?

    • “Please sign it, ‘To Avi from the biggest blithering imbecile on the planet.'”

      • Makes it even more tempting to actually go out there and do the deed but alas, I still don’t want to breath any air that the Nasty Steaming Pile has corrupted.
        My sincere regrets, Avi.

        On the other hand… considering how the NSP operates she’s surely well aware of “Avi”, eh? and no doubt would rattle her cage that a woman in Tulsa was requesting “To Avi” and just seeing that particular expression flicker across her face, almost be worth it. hmmmm.

        • Great googly moogly! I was merely imagining what I would say to her face had I the chance. But if you can get me a copy of her book, signed “To Avi” I shall hold a vote as to what vicious and degrading transgressions I should inflict upon said book, video the whole thing, and post it all over the series of tubes.

      • According to a couple of the articles I read today, her ground rules don’t allow for personalized dedications. Her signature is all you get.

        Yet another indication of what a witch she is.

        • No doubt to ensure that there are not a plethora of examples, in her own handwriting, of the vast lexicon of English words she can’t fucking spell.
          “To Kneekol Nicole, with wormess warmest reegurdz regards, yer your fren friend, Sarah.”

          Later, Palin was heard to ask one of her acolytes why people have to use such odd names instead of normal ones like Trig, Track, Sprog, Flok, Mook, or Plot.

        • ROFL….

          She also requires that you leave your purse in the car. No bags allowed. I think she’s worried someone might shoot her. 🙂

  3. I wonder if her ghost writer will be there to help her spell the more difficult words?
    See where she slipped and refered to our “great ally, North Korea”? I don’t believe for a fucking second that was a slip of the tongue. She just doesn’t know anything.
    I think she’s really going to fuck up the Rethug primaries next year. The moderates (all three of them) know she can’t beat Obama, but the mouth-breathers love her. And she’s gonna run. She believes her own press releases, which I presume someone reads to her.

  4. Sorry, Avi. I just could not go out there and do that deed. Perhaps if it had been any day other than black fucking friday.

  5. “Take her anti-obesity thing that she is on. She is on this kick, right. What she is telling us is she cannot trust parents to make decisions for their own children, for their own families in what we should eat. And I know I’m going to be again criticized for bringing this up, but instead of a government thinking that they need to take over and make decisions for us according to some politician or politician’s wife priorities, just leave us alone, get off our back, and allow us as individuals to exercise our own God-given rights to make our own decisions and then our country gets back on the right track.” – Palin

    If I were to choose one Sarah Palin blather to sum her up, this might be it. If she has an over-arching philosophy, it’s the following:

    In order to get the country back on the right track, we must allow “individuals to exercise our own God-given rights to make our own decisions”…as long as they don’t decide to fuck somebody she thinks they shouldn’t fuck, make a joke about one of her daughters, etc. In other words, if you scratch the surface a bit, you’ll get her to admit those individual decisions must conform to her concept of what’s good for America or what God wants for them. The individual will still have to submit to the will of the group, or higher power. Also, as the quote clearly implies, children aren’t allowed to make up their own minds in her version of the nanny (Momma grizzly?) state. So, there’s a level of disingenuous-ness before the philosophy even comes out of her mouth.

    So why say it? Because it sells well, as proven by the endless marketing campaigns that successfully use basically the same approach to sell products to self-gratifying morons. These days, people want their ego gratified more than ever, even when making public policy.

    Palin’s core message is that you are smarter than the government. You are smarter than the experts. You are smarter than the people who have dedicated their lives to studying the topic at hand. You know exactly what’s in your own best interests and you should have the right to “Just Do It”. Don’t think about it. Don’t worry about the consequences to yourselves or others. Just do it. Potentially, very dangerous stuff, but it feels soooo good. That’s how products are sold these days and she is most certainly a product. In a way, most modern marketing promotes her philosophy. Every ad is indirectly an ad for her.

    In this quote, she shows exactly how far she’ll take it. She thinks it’s more important to allow kids to passively accept the cultural programming and become artery clogged blimps under the guise of “individual choice” (of the parent) than it is for the government to even suggest they eat right, never mind do something about it.

    But what is Michelle Obama’s crime? She does not influence government policy. Hell, her husband can’t even do much on that front. All she really is doing is using her public profile to promote the value of eating healthy. HOW DARE THAT INFIDEL!!!! So, anything that counter-acts the culture of mindless, self-gratification, even an individual promoting the OPTION of living a more healthy lifestyle, is to be strongly resisted for the good of America.

    In Sarah Palin’s America, you have the right, if not obligation, to do stupid, unhealthy, self-destructive, things without having to listening to any nay-sayer, no matter how right they are.

    Not with Sarah Palin in charge!

    Sarah Palin: The Anti Dean Wormer

  6. cousinavi Enjoyed your Dec.14, 2010 post @ Bob Cesca’s Blog.
    Clicked on your name and found your blog.
    Everything Palin says or does is oriented to her personal bottom line of $$$$$, power, payback, or a combination thereof.
    I have observed Palin for the past 2 years. This is not a diagnosis, but an observation. The major characteristics of a sociopath are playing the victim (prime characteristic), inability to accept blame, gaslighting (engineering the discrediting of others), lying, feeling they are deserving of special favors, that rules are for others, but not for them, and using others, including family, as tools. These are detailed in “the sociopath next door: The Ruthless Versus the Rest of Us,” by Martha Stoudt, Ph.D., Crown Publishing, 2005 (hardcover); Broadway Books, 2006, (paperback).
    God forbid if she were ever elected to a position of power. What is worse, I think she could easily be manipulated by people with more malevolent intentions.

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