Log Jam in Pictou Harbour

From the august pages of the Chronically Horrid:

Log spill cleanup may take up to 6 weeks

The cleanup of logs spilled in Pictou Harbour is expected to continue for up to six weeks.

Hundreds of logs have been floating in the harbour since a barge ran aground and lost its load on Nov. 9.

This looks like a job for:


6 Responses

  1. was actually in Gibsons this summer- ate at Mollys Reach and “The Persephone” is at the center of town! There are a few good epidsodes on Youtube….

  2. Could you just imagine Nick and Relic chasing logs around the Pictou shoreline, Tormenting the absolute shit out of the Mounties and Lobster fishermen.
    Hell I`d pay good money to see that.

  3. Jesus, you’re making me nostalgic again, Cousinavi.

  4. There are probably other moments in pure Canadian artistic endeavour that rival this photo…but they are rare. If you rule out Barry Morse, they are exceedingly rare.

    • Barry Morse, you say? Well, I’ve got a treat for you, Cousinavi, a treat that will send every Canadian retro-sci-fi fan into premature ejaculation. Not that that’s difficult.

      The following 5 minute teaser clip only has a glimpse of Barry Morse in the opening credits. But if you’re willing to risk downloading the VEOH player, (which may be a front for spyware I don’t know) you can see the whole episode and enjoy another Barry Morse Canadian moment.


      The show is the ultra low-budget Canuck cult classic, The Starlost, which ran in 73-74 on CTV and in syndication in the US. It was cooked up by sci-fi guru Harlan Ellison (who later abandoned the show). It starred Keir Dullea (aka DAVE from 2001: A Space Odyssey) and Robin Ward, veteran Canadian actor, voice-over king, game show host and weatherman.

      The show was about a giant spaceship full of independent, domed, societies that had travelled through space for generations, so long that nobody knew they were on a ship or that the other societies existed. These three young, Amish, hippies had new adventures in a new dome every week. Classic stuff!

      This particular episode guest starred Barry Morse in a pre-Space 1999 role and fellow Canuck John Calicos in a pre-Battlestar Gallactica role, where he played the evil Baltar who battled with the Canadian legend that was Lorne Greene. (Other Starlost episodes included Walter Koenig, aka Chekov from Star Trek).

      You’re welcome nerds. Now change go change your underwear!

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