Now that the uncaged rage monkeys of the GOP have retaken control of the US congress, it will only be a matter of time before they lock everything up.
They’ll try to defund health care reform, the president will refuse to sign the budget, and then social security and medicare cheques will stop going out. THEN the real fun will start.
Add to that the fuckwitted Darryl Issa issuing subpoenas to everyone above the rank of house page with the goal of passing an article of impeachment (which would never pass the Dem senate, but the Rethugs would never that little fact stand in their way), and you have the makings of some truly fucked up politics.
“We gave Obama two years to fix the fucking mess we made…a mess that would take god himself at least a generation…and he couldn’t do it!”
Stupid fucking Yankees.

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  1. Something tells me they’re going to find a Kenyan birth certificate somewhere.

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