Nat Mad King Men Cole

More than half the reason I watch Mad Men is for the theme song. Twisted up with Nat Cole, it’s a keeper.


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  1. Avi- I think someone is playing a prank on you- below this latest post of yours about Nat King Cole is ‘ads by google’ a new thing, I notice with your blog…. but todays, in the uk at least, is the following:

    Ads by Google

    Is Evolution a Hoax?
    Where are the millions of bones of half-formed creatures? Find answers

    You might fing a way to not have this idiocy appear on your blog…. cheers!

    • Dunno what you’re talking about. The video I see is the theme music of from Mad Men with the lyrics from Cole’s song Nature Boy sung by a pretty good female vocalist.

      I don’t see anything like what you’re talking about.

      • You don’t see below your post an ‘ads by google’ section inbetween the post and the “Filed under: Music | Tagged: Nat King Cole, Mad Men, Nature Boy, RJD2” etc…

        it is about the size of the video post itself (and is obviously geared regionally because right now it is for a chicken chain in Cardiff….) oh well, maybe it’s just luck of the draw about the anti-evolution ad…..

        • I see no such thing. And that’s a good thing. I doubt the Cardiff chicken joint delivers to Dongshan Rd. Like all the rest of them, they cut off delivery at the roundabout in Dakeng. Fuckers.

  2. I dig Mad Men for a bunch of reasons including:

    – I appreciate the historical/cultural accuracy of the show and how they don’t gloss over the unseemly bits of the past like most shows.
    – I dig all the old cars, furniture, music, etc.
    – I like the idea of being able to (openly) drink hard liquor in the office.
    – In general, even with its obvious faults, I’d rather be sent back in time to the Mad Men era than be trapped in the living Hell of today.
    – I want to nail Peggy Olson.

    But the theme is fantastic. It’s catchy. It fits with the era. Most importantly, it puts you in the proper mood for the show. It does it probably better than any other show in the last 5 years or so.

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