Juan Williams Whiplash

A laundry list of people other people seem to listen to have leapt to the defense of Juan Williams. They’re all wrong.
The slate reads like a who’s who of pundits, fools and freaks from the darkest, moldiest corners of media blithering bobbleheads ever conceived: Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Michelle Malkin, Bill O’Reilly, Erick “Goat Fucker” Erickson and all the other fuckwits on the deep vicious right, but also from the wild left come Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Moore among others, all yammering about how people have a perfect right to be honest about how they really feel…to speak their personal truth without losing their job over it.
First, it ain’t censorship. No one is preventing Juan Williams, or anyone else of equally limited intellect, from saying any goddamn thing they want.
However, and this is where the rubber meets the idiocy, freedom of speech DOES NOT come with a promise that there will be no consequences for your words.
If Juan had said something like, “Sarah Palin is a fucking imbecile who ought to be dragged out behind the barn and put out of our misery with a bullet,” ALL these same people (or most of them, anyway) would be screaming for his head.
If Juan had said something like, “You know, Hitler had the right idea…those fucking Jews ARE a problem and we’d be better off without them,” he’d be drinking a beer with Mel Gibson wondering if either of them will ever work again.
If Juan had said, “Jon Stewart is a bigot. You know…those Jews run the media,” he’d have been equally fired but no one would have come to his defense. Wait a sec…did Juan Williams come to the aid of Rick Sanchez? Did ANYONE? [insert crickets chirping sfx]

Juan Williams may have been honest. He may have said what he really felt. That doesn’t matter. Clearly, what he really feels, despite his self-aggrandizing boasts about being an author of note on the subject of civil rights, amounts to nothing more than ugly, stupid, right-wing ass kissing prejudice.
And when you go on television and say things like “Black people are intellectually inferior to whites and Asians” (Phillip Rushton), or call the victims of 9/11 “Little Eichmann’s” (Ward Churchill), or argue that the Holocaust didn’t really happen (Ernst Zundel), or that Muslims dressing like Muslims make you afraid when you fly, then don’t come fucking crying to me when your major media bosses hand you your last paycheque.
That a lying, reptilian fuckwit blowhard with anger management issues like Andrew Ass-Face Breitbart refuses to appear on NPR “until Juan Williams is reinstated” is only reason to take out an order of protection ensuring that Juan stay at least 100 miles away from the NPR studios. Talk about a silver lining.

Juan Williams has for too long been the not-liberal-at-all pretend liberal who was only too willing to kiss the ass of the FNC Masters who handed him a pay packet. His analysis is facile, his opinions crafted to suck up to whomever would host his pseudo-intellectual facade. That he expressed his “honest” bigotry against Muslims on Bill O’Reilly’s show and it cost him his job at NPR is only the purest form of perfect justice.
That he was immediately hired at Fox – at a substantial increase in pay – only indicts Fox and calls to mind the tag “Uncle Tom.”
His argument that he was being HONEST – Muslims dressed like Muslims make him nervous – requires an extraordinary ignorance of the facts. First, the vast…VAST majority of terrorist attacks are conducted by NON-Muslims. Second, the Muslims who hijacked those planes were NOT “dressed like Muslims”. They were wearing dockers and button down collars. The whole fucking thing stinks to high hell of exactly the core problem with Juan Williams in the role of “Liberal commentator”, which is to say he ain’t. He has always been ready, willing and able to express the sort of anti-David Brooks “See how reasonable liberals can be” bullshit concession to the fucking retarded right perspective that renders him, in any sane world, nothing more than a dancing faux left porch monkey.
BUT, regardless of that disgusting and lamentable truth, what Juan Williams SAID was nothing more than ugly bigotry…and his employer has a right to can his blithering ass for expressing that opinion. Juan has a perfect, unfettered right to say what he “really feels” – they have a perfect, unfettered RIGHT to fire him for it.
Sorry, you constitutionally ignorant playground fuckwits…there are consequences for the words you freely use. If you can’t wrap your head around THAT, get the fuck off the news channels, the blogs, AND your high fucking horse and run for fucking office.


3 Responses

  1. “Porch monkey”? Yeah, Cousinavi is “taking it back” !!!

    To be honest, I suspect the whole thing was staged. He just “happened” to say this on FOX? Sure. Total accident. I’m willing to bet Williams wanted out of NPR and into the place that pays people big time bucks to spout utter bullshit and pretend that they are hard-done-by, persecuted, members of society.

    • To paraphrase Driftglass: There are a lot of words in the English language and I own them all – every fucking one of them. And I will wear the way I use those words. If I misuse one, then that’s on me. But if I’m trying to express a larger truth, or (as in this case) express a larger truth AND make someone cry, then I’ll not change a single syllable.
      Juan Williams is a fake fucking intellectual who rides his faux civil rights cred right into the role of FNC Uncle Tom, providing cover for their daily displays of blatant racism. Like the Jews who worked in the camps leading other Jews to the showers, Juan is MORE despicable than his masters.

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