Crocoduck? Humonkey!

Glenn Beck, spouting his odd obsession with having things jammed down his throat, comes up with the infinitely ignorant objection to evolution, “I haven’t seen a half-monkey half-human yet.”
Shades of Kirk Cameron’s crocoduck.
Beck says you don’t have to force the truth on people. You just keep “…adding evidence and adding evidence until the truth becomes self-evident.”
It’s pathetic that a man with millions of gullible idiots listening to him is permitted a platform when he is plainly not merely ignorant, but stubbornly, obtusely, willfully so.
He made 32 million dollars last year for telling lies and making others feel comfortable for being just as fucking stupid. If you happen to be one of the blithering fuckwits who think evolution is “just a THEORY”, here’s a simple starter. If you’re Glenn Beck, read slowly.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One Response

  1. Half monkey and half human???
    I think I could name a few examples walking around today.

    “You didn’t have to force the idea that the world was round.” -Loser Baby

    Nope. The Catholic Church just latched onto the idea from the moment it was conceived and did everything they could to promote the science behind it.

    If I actually thought he wasn’t just doing an act for money, I’d say “Glenn Beck is a total fucktard.”

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