And They Vote

I wonder if these people vote Democrat or Republican.


10 Responses

  1. It is a personal embarrassment that these people have exactly the same accent I have.
    This tended not to happen in my classes, but it happened in classes that I didn’t attend.
    My father, a liberal newspaper columnist, was easily the most prominent man in town, so teachers held their tongues around me.
    (I inadvertantly got a geometry teacher fired in the eighth grade when I mentioned to my father that she had expressed alarm at the warnings from Sen. Joe McCarthy in what was supposed to be a math class.)
    It took me a couple of years to figure out why she had suddenly disappeared from my school.
    I’m actually glad I didn’t get it. I could have seriously bullied my teachers and been an even bigger asshole than I already was.

  2. Re: That video- a roomful of that much stupid is scary.

    Favourite (scariest) line: (said in the science classroom)…”So you got your supernatural….”

  3. A couple times a year, I go to the lake that separates me from Ohio and thank God for it’s existence. 😉

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