Against Nature?


A man and woman face crime against nature charges after police say they engaged in a sex act in the parking lot of a Gastonia restaurant with several other people nearby.

Which part is “against nature”? It sure as hell can’t be the sex act…that seems pretty natural. Location? People watching? Location X people watching?

Seems to me there’s a valid defense in the title of the statute.
It AIN’T agin nature…and so, quite literally, get fucked.


4 Responses

  1. Damn, that’s about twenty minutes down I-85 from where I used to live. I think I’ve even driven past that BWW. I don’t know what the “crime against nature” was, unless this couple should for some reason not be allowed to breed.

    • I can smell you cursing your timing from here.
      There are many ought not be permitted to breed. Most.
      You need a license to drive a car but ANY ignorant monkey in shoes can make a baby.

  2. I used to work in Gastonia. If a couple was arrested for having sex, it had to be because they weren’t closely enough related.

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