Science v. Religion – Jerry Coyne

Great article from Professor Coyne. Here’s a snip – you can read the whole thing here.

Why does this matter? Because pretending that faith and science are equally valid ways of finding truth not only weakens our concept of truth, it also gives religion an undeserved authority that does the world no good. For it is faith’s certainty that it has a grasp on truth, combined with its inability to actually find it, that produces things such as the oppression of women and gays, opposition to stem cell research and euthanasia, attacks on science, denial of contraception for birth control and AIDS prevention, sexual repression, and of course all those wars, suicide bombings and religious persecutions.


4 Responses

  1. Heard a guy on NPR today insisting that suicide attacks have nothing to do with religion. What horseshit.
    Do you think anybody would fly a plane into a building if he weren’t certain he would awaken in paradise?
    Coyne rocks.

    • I can imagine being pissed off enough to do LOTS of things. I haven’t done any of them…yet. But holy fuck, man…iMAgine.

      • Imagine?

        Hey, there’s a decent chance I will go out in a suicide attack. I’m not sure how much more bullshit I can take.

    • I didn’t hear the guy on NPR, but I don’t think it’s that far fetched to say it’s not ALL about the religion. I don’t see it as that much different from “suicide by cop” or the All-American shooting rampage.

      I think many of these suicide bombers have nothing worth living for and are consumed with hatred. The religious component just gives them a way to go out with their head held high. (200-300 metres in most cases)

      Shockingly enough, the number one job requirement of a suicide bomber is that you want to commit suicide. You want to go out, but not like some wussy, Vampire Diary reading, wrist slasher. You want to go out in a blaze of Bonnie & Clyde glory. Personally, I see the appeal of “taking as many motherfuckers as I can down with me”.

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