I’m Not A Nazi…I’m You.

Those teabaggers sure are something special. In the immediate wake of Christine O’Donnell’s hilarious new ad campaign, “I’m not a witch…I’m YOU,” one wonders how they will collectively decide to respond to this.

That’s Ohio Republican candidate Richard Iott (third from the left) dressed up in a Nazi SS uniform. Turns out Dick used to enjoy playing at Nazi reenactments…get all geared up, call himself Reinhard Pferdmann, and get into a little goose-stepping as an exercise in father/son bonding. You know how it is – the family that plays genocide together…

Just when you think there’s no way they could scrape any deeper into the barrel of fucked up stupidity. Really, how does one top a candidate who’s opposed to gays, AIDS research, masturbation and wonders why monkeys aren’t changing into people? I KNOW! Let’s nominate a fella who likes to dress up like a NAZI!
What’s next? A member of NAMBLA?
(“I gave that all up when my son turned 15!”)


4 Responses

  1. When I saw this on Bill Maher, I spit-taked my drink from one side of the room to the other.

    Not just a German WW2 uniform, but the fucking SS!!! Jesus fucking Christ!!! This distinction is probably lost on most people trained to believe all Germans are evil the way they’ve now been trained to think all Muslims are evil, but these guys weren’t just Germans “doing their jobs”. They were the hard core, true believer, Nazis. (But what else would you expect from a tea-bagger?) Metaphorically speaking, the SS was the gas in the gas chambers.

    And it wasn’t even the ultra-cool/sexy leather version of the uniform either. So, he doesn’t even have the excuse that it was some sort of S&M sex thing. Unless there are other pictures to come out of this all-male club….

    And THIS is what’s about to beat the Democrats! It’s enough to make me want to dress in an SS uniform and do a re-enactment of the final day in Hitler’s bunker.

    Downfall indeed!

  2. What I want to know is what the Mad Jewess has to say about this.

    • I’m sure Nastassia and MJ have found something to occupy their time…like plotting the destruction of the Dome of the Rock and bringing about the End Times. Between that and getting out the vote for Paladino, I’m hoping they won’t have time to let you know…or, at least, they’ll leave me out of it.

  3. Iott, You are a Nazi and a disgrace to the Republican Party!!! Does not persuade me your story (for CNN) that You are doing it for historical truth. You are fucking Nazi pig!!!

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