The Golden Rule


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  1. It’s been a multi-religious saying and a pretty good philosophy for many centuries, yet humans routinely (and increasingly) fuck each other over without batting an eye.

    • It’s the insistent certainty of the Jesus freaks that their boy said it first; that THEIR messiah hit on the profound truth before anyone else (and that no one else could have).
      And the simple FACT of the matter is that the same perfect philosophy had been elucidated five times before the alleged Christ was even a gleam in the raping Ghost’s ethereal eye.
      Damn Jesus Freaks need a boot in the head.

      • Yeah, it’s that insistence on the monopoly of knowledge and/or rightness. What’s so wrong with them saying?

        “Jesus was a smart motherfucker. In order to make the best religion possible, he looked around to other religions and borrowed their best ideas.” (because their best ideas were inspired by Jesus’ dad)

        As I understand it, that’s what the Muslims did with Christ. They (certain sects at least) declare Jesus a prophet, a trail blazer worth listening to. Somebody like John the Baptist.

        This approach may very well be true. Early Christianity stole plenty of ideas and stories from other religions, so why not the man Himself? I mean, the whole Old Testament is straight up plagiarism from the Jews. It’s pretty hard to claim Jesus invented everything when half the fucking Holy Book itself is some other religion’s shit.

        They figured it would make Christianity both a better religion and easier for others to relate to. If nothing else, a more marketable religious product. Extra-Strength Judaism.

        But many deny these facts, because they’re assholes more interested in their own power and moral superiority than in actually becoming better people, by say, being honest and accepting of others…which probably is also a religious mainstay most ignore.

        This is why I’m more of a “Don’t blame the religion. Blame the people who practice it” kind of guy. Human beings will rationalize every stupid/evil thing they do and religion provides them with a great source of rationalizations, even if they have to warp the religion to fit their agenda.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Human beings are just damn dirty apes! I can accept that such primitives would follow primitive superstitions, but I won’t accept the negative actions they commit while claiming their primitive superstitions support them.

    • How come nobody asks why people can’t seem to abide by this one simple rule?

      Why is it so damn hard?

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