The Rally to Restore Sanity

It is a little known fact outside of the community that the idea for The Rally to Restore Sanity being held by Jon Stewart, and The Rally to Save Fear by Stephen Colbert, had their genesis on reddit.

A reddit user (I’ll hunt up the moniker later) posted an offhand comment that Colbert, in response to Glenn Beck’s Restore America bullshit, should hold a counter rally on the Washington Mall. The comment soared to the front page and drew the attention of Colbert himself…and so began what Stewart is now promoting as a response protesting “the extremism of both sides – the right and the left.”

That there is comparable wingnut idiocy on both sides of the political divide is bullshit. There is nothing remotely similar to the Birthers, the Teabaggers, the Islamophobes…the blithering imbeciles yammering about Socialism, Communism, Anti-Colonial Kenyan philosophy…on the left. There is no one on the left openly carrying weapons at political rallies…or employing contemptible Southern Strategy racist dog whistles to spark paranoia and fear…or inventing stupid fucking crap like Death Panels.
Despite what vapid, vacuous pundits like David Fucking Brooks insist with the frequency of an overwound cuckoo clock, it is a goddamn filthy LIE that the left presents anything even distantly orbiting the batshit loud noises and shameless prevarication that emanates from Limbaugh, Palin, Gingrich, DeMint, Boehner, Bachmann et al hour after lobotomized hour. As Jules said, “Same ballpark? It ain’t even the same fucking sport!”

And now comes a comment from another reddit user. Here’s hoping Jon Stewart sees it, and HEARS it:

I am beginning to see a problem here. (Cut to camera 2, close up. Dim lights). Listen, Jon. We love your show and support your rally. But this was our idea. We overlooked the fact that you hijacked what was intended for Colbert and arguably overshadowed the satire we craved in favor of this whole “reasonable” schtick. Fine. Then you failed to mention Reddit once in all your hype, or even acknowledge a movement existed. You have almost gone as far as to represent it as your brainchild. Well, it wasn’t. But still, we get it. This has become bigger than us, we don’t need the credit. But now…now you are trying to claim this rally has nothing to do with Beck, as if it would have ever occurred without the Beck rally predating it? Give me a break. That is the exact kind of media bullshit you are supposed to be fighting. Stop avoiding the truth and embrace it.

Jon, we are counting on you to be our voice. Don’t cave in and lose your backbone. Stand up and call out Beck. Stand up and acknowledge that this rally is based on a grassroots movement and it is the will of the people. Stand up and recognize that the “real” Americans, while sane and logical, are not complacent. We are mad about the vocal minority and want to express our anger in a forum, just like the tea partiers. No, we won’t equate Beck to Hitler or dismiss our opponents on superstition. But we can’t stand idle in the crisp October air acting as if we don’t have enemies and we all just want to get along. That is bullshit. We are in a fight, and right now our leader is going against his character to avoid being chastised by conservatives and Fox News. He is desperately grasping to being “moderate” and losing his effectiveness.

Jon, we need you to stick with us on this one. Let’s restore sanity by fighting insanity. Not by pretending it doesn’t exist.


2 Responses

  1. Wait a minute! I’m liberal, and I’m crazy as shit. Doesn’t that count?

  2. Talk about an onion of multi-layered satire. There’s so much satire involved in all this, it’s obscuring reality.

    Not that I waste time paying attention to Beck, but like the Rolling Stones, he is a self-satire. No sane person can take his act seriously, even if it is serious. He is either straight up clowning or is DEEPLY mentally ill. Or both.

    A “Rally to Restore America”? That alone is just hysterically funny. “God sent some Canadian Geese as a fly-over” to show his approval. Jesus Christ! That’s as funny as anything they did on the Daily Show/Colbert Report that week. Who would have thought a radio morning-zoo, stand-up comic could be so funny?

    So to parody the parody of a rally with a satirical rally takes some Colbert sized satirical balls. There’s little doubt he first pitched the idea to the group. Then toss in the satire of holding a “march for sanity” and a “rally to restore fear” at the same time.

    But is the Reddit (whatever the fuck that is) commentor actually being serious? Surely he can see that:

    1. Reddit is irrelevant to a TV show and its audience, so it neither deserves mention, nor is there any point in giving it credit. Not only that, doing so would diminish the parody. I don’t think Beck gave anybody (other than God) credit for his march, so neither should Colbert/Stewart.

    2. The rallies only work if it looks like they came up with themselves. Even though it’s obvious they are parodying Beck, they must pretend like they are doing it all on their own accord. Like Beck’s rally, it has to seen as a gift to America from the greatness of the rally holders alone.

    3. It works best if Stewart sets himself up as the sane, centrist one and Colbert sets himself up as the fear monger, who points out even Left wing fear is good, as long as it’s fear based. Anti-logic is an ongoing Colbert theme.

    Stewart’s talk about lunacy from the Right and the Left is valid in the dysfunctional media macro (ie “Left vs Right to the death, today at 8pm” Enjoy the carnage!) The Daily Show was designed to parody. But is not really valid beyond that. The Right is now occupied almost entirely by nut-bars and even the Left’s worse is tame in comparison. But that doesn’t matter for the purposes of the event. Stewart has to set himself up as centrist because a clown like Beck sets himself up as centrist. You have to imitate the disingenuous-ness of Beck being a centrist.

    I lay even odds that this Redditt comment is from somebody just trying to lay another satirical layer (the mock protest of a mock rally) on top of it. I think it could be an attempt to point out the Fox-manufactured nature of the “grass roots” rise of the Teabaggers and Beck’s “grass roots” march by critiquing the Comedy Central/Stewart manufactured nature of the “grass roots” Rally for Sanity.

    Unless he has a run for Congress in mind, Nobody could think Stewart will really be anything other than what he’s always been. It’s just way too late for that. He may be putting on a show for the rally, but that’s it.

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