Ronnie O’Sullivan – It Ain’t Cheek, Mate

Ronnie O’Sullivan, arguably (and in my opinion) the greatest natural talent to ever hold a snooker cue, continues to impress and amaze. Playing Mark King this week in Glasgow, Ronnie paused after potting a single black and asked the referee the value of the prize for knocking in a maximum 147.
He had a sip of water and directed that the white ball be cleaned while he waited for the answer. The response came: No prize for a 147, but 4000 pounds for the high break of the tournament.
O’Sullivan shrugged and proceeded to knock in a 140, shaking King’s hand after potting the pink. The referee requested that Ronnie pot the final black, so The Rocket nonchalantly pounded it into the corner pocket to complete the perfect game.
Perhaps only Ronnie would look at the table with 8 points and say, “I think this is all of it.”
ONLY Ronnie would ask what the prize was, proceed to knock in 14 more blacks, all the colours but the last, and shake his opponent’s hand at 140.
It ain’t cheek, mate, when you can back it up with play like that.
Watch for the positional shot to get on the final two reds. Outstanding!


2 Responses

  1. Debated an ignorant bastard on this matter just tonight…
    Stomped him.

    WTG Ronnie, Brilliant in all respects.

  2. I’ll have you know that I’M the greatest natural talent to ever hold a snooker cue …in my pants!

    And I continue to impress and amaze as well.

    And considering how seldom I play, I play a pretty darn good game of pool, too.

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