Joshua Redmond – The Crunge

I love me the Led Zep…I do. I have argued for years that SOMEONE ought to be funking Zep into things that would displace The Chemical Brothers and all that other crap I’m forced to endure every time I walk into a club where people go to dance (I say the same thing about Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles, Billy Cobham and a few dozen other artists that don’t have four down beats in every bar). No fun no more. Well, this ain’t gonna make any inroads in dance clubs, BUT IT SHOULD! And it WOULD if motherfucking white people would learn how to fucking dance.
Here, ladies and gentlebeasts, Joshua Redmond ripping up The Crunge. Get your funky shoes on and shake THIS shit.


2 Responses

  1. That’s pretty cool. I read an interview with Robert Plant some years ago where he expressed that he wished cover artists were more willing to experiment with their material, rather than going for the obvious stuff like “Stairway”. I’d never heard of Joshua Redman before this. I just had a listen to some of his stuff over on Amazon. Reminds me of some of the jazzier Seatbelts material.

    • Parker…Trane…Redmond. He’s in that class.
      Don’t tell anyone. Just look severely smug when they start talking about saxophone.
      Joshua Redmond. He’s the man.

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