Happy Birthday, Neil


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  1. Off topic, but I’m sorry to hear you dropped your bike. I’ve had road rash, and it sucks.
    Not trying to one-up you, but I bought a new bike today – a showroom perfect 2003 Yamaha FJR1300 touring bike.
    I realize all speedometers are a bit optimistic, but it’s still cool to ride a bike whose clock runs up to 180 mph. That would be just a bit under 300 for those of you who prefer metric.
    As midlife crises go, it’s cheaper and safer than a mistress. She’ll never call my wife.

    • That def one ups me…in fact, it probably 20 ups me. 1300…nice. I ride a 150…which is the biggest bike one is permitted in Taiwan without paying extortionary licensing fees and massive insurance rates.
      Keep it rubber side down, mon ami.

  2. Back in the day, a school chum of mine once discovered that he could sync up the drum solo from the live version of this song with a guitar solo on a live recording of a Triumph song (don’t know which one) and the two solos -and even the audience reactions- matched up very nicely. It was like a whole new song.

    Or maybe it was just the weed.

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