Sarah Palin Uses Words Correctly!

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For immediate refudiation: Sarah Palin Uses English Words Correctly

Responding to a batshit insane fellow Christian’s plan to burn copies of the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11, Sarah Palin’s ghost writers crafted a statement for Sarah Palin’s facebook page which, due to the proper use of English vocabulary and grammar, demonstrates conclusively that Sarah Palin certainly did not write it.

Palin’s online post reads as follows (terms Sarah Palin has never used before and could not define if asked are highlighted):

“Book burning is antithetical to American ideals. People have a constitutional right to burn a Koran if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary provocation — much like building a mosque at Ground Zero.”

“I would hope that Pastor Terry Jones and his supporters will consider the ramifications of their planned book-burning event. It will feed the fire of caustic rhetoric and appear as nothing more than mean-spirited religious intolerance. Don’t feed that fire. If your ultimate point is to prove that the Christian teachings of mercy, justice, freedom, and equality provide the foundation on which our country stands, then your tactic to prove this point is totally counter-productive.”

Aside from vocabulary which is utterly beyond the grasp of the former half-term grifter, the telling grammatical clues include NOT ending a sentence with a preposition, the absence of dangling participles, never once employing the present progressive, and the absence of the word “Also” dropped randomly and needlessly into every sentence.

It remains unexplained how the Muslim cultural center in a former Burlington Coat Factory in Manhatten amounts to religious INtolerance, but Palin has a long history of making shit up and conflating divergent and unrelated ideas in her vacuous rattling head.

Palin’s Hypocrisy and Lies Offensive to Other Religions

In a move designed to offend pretty much every other religion, Palin also asserted in her written statement that the goals of mercy, justice, freedom and equality are strictly Christian virtues. Thus far there has been no direct response from Jews, Daoists, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists or those who follow the teachings of Confucius, from whom Jesus ripped off “The Golden Rule.” It is a reasonably well known fact (at least among people not named Palin) that 500 years before the alleged Christ was allegedly born, the great Chinese philosopher wrote, “Do not do to others what would be repulsive if done to you.”
Palin also has never explained how her reliance on the ten commandments as the foundation of the laws – upon which all others must be derived – might considered Christian, since (according to Palin’s own mythology) those rules were given to a Jew named Moses some years prior to her god raping a married virgin.

Despite the offensive, intolerant, ignorant shit that continues to pour from this blithering idiot, she is still seen, for reasons that escape thinking people everywhere, as a contender for the Republican nomination in the 2012 presidential campaign.


13 Responses

  1. Sister Bendy Straws (I love that nickname, BTW) is just toeing the Republican Party line. All of the Neocon sock puppets have said more or less the same thing, when they’ve said anything at all. Burning Qurans is intolerant, but it’s no worse than building a Muslim community center two blocks from Ground Zero. They’re all full of it.

    • I can see the logic: Burning a major religion’s holy book in an act of vicious, hateful ignorance is the exact same thing as building a community center on privately owned property. No difference at all.
      The Republican party is an embarrassment to the principles upon which America was founded and an obstacle to anything remotely resembling a decent civilization.

      • Well, neverminding that this thread has something to do with Sarah Palin, there is a similarity between the acts, isn’t there? Though one is more blatantly so- burning Korans, it IS provocative to build a mosque (is it a mosque, I’m out of the loop) two blocks from the sight where two airplanes flown by Islamic terrorists (if one uses the standard version of history) to kill thousands of Americans. I understand that the organizers of the mosque are moderates, but there wouldn’t be an issue if it was built 20 blocks away would there….so it IS provocative. Yes, BOTH parties have the right under the first amendment to say or express themselves however they want, but put yourself in the minds of New Yorkers: There was a poll that showed the majority of people in New York do not want a mosque THERE. It’s not about religious intolerance, it is perceived as offensive to the memory of a horrible event. So there are two acts, both interpreted as provocative, one easily done because it is deliberately so- Koran burning, the other, well they’re not stupid, I’m sure they’re intentions were good- religious outreach, reconcilliation, peace on earth, ….but wrong place- that’s all. It’s like if Aushwitz was in the U.S. (ok just go along with me here) and the U.S. nazi party wanted to open an office next door.

        • One does not have the right to be offended.

          This is not about ground zero. This is about stoking anti-Muslim hatred.

          Muslim’s did not fly those planes into the towers. Al Qaeda did.
          Al Qaeda no more represents Islam than Meir Kahane represented Judaism.

          And 20 blocks IS NOT enough; witness the mosque torched in Tennessee.
          Witness the protest against a mosque in California to which the protesters brought dogs JUST to offend Muslims.
          Witness the PASTOR who is BURNING copies of the Quran to mark the anniversary of 9/11.

          There are strip clubs, fast food joints, sex shops and churches closer to the site of the towers than the proposed community center, which will include a swimming pool, basketball court and performance theater. It is to be built on the site of a former Burlington Coat Factory outlet store.

          It is only provocative to those who seek to be provoked for ugly reasons.

          I am disappointed that your thinking on this matter is so shallow.

          And your analogy! You talk about NAZIS, as though MUSLIMS are the equivalent. They are not. IF Al Qaeda opened an office next to Ground Zero, you MIGHT have a point. But can you make the same argument that a CHURCH (Hitler was nominally Catholic, and Nazis – the people, not the party – most assuredly were…see their dealings with the Pope!) cannot be within any certain distance of any camp?
          [Argument noting distance from towers] – “…so IT IS provocative.” Only to racist simpletons who want to ramp up jingoistic hate for political gain.

        • Don’t be too harsh, Cousinavi. He’s probably just absorbed parts of the message by osmosis. It’s so fucking pervasive, it’s hard not to take some of it in without realizing.

        • “There was a poll that showed the majority of people in New York do not want a mosque THERE”

          Since when to the opinions of citizens matter for anything?

          I’m sure you could get more NY-ers to say they want Wall Street executives strung up. But instead of the death the so richly deserve, they got bailouts and bonuses.

  2. It’s a perfectly safe bet that Sarah has never used – and cannot define – antithetical. Her ghost-writer ought not to use it, as it merely reminds people she uses a ghost writer.
    It also puts Palin in the peculiar position of not knowing what her own FB post means. I wish someone would ask her, in front of a camera, what she meant by it.
    It would be fun to watch, as she always bullshits her way through, rather than admit she doesn’t know.

    • Most of her readers are thinking:

      What the fuck she talkin’ about? Sounds like sum yoookneevercity know-it-all, iffin ya ask me.

  3. If I may join the current argument: There is no relationship whatsoever between building a community center that includes a Muslim prayer room and setting Qurans on fire.
    Here’s the difference: Burning Qurans is a deliberate act of hatred designed to piss off a particular group. If you do this, you are an asshole.
    Building a community center on private property that happens to include a prayer room is inoffensive. It is not intended to offend anyone. I hate all religions, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If a member of my own family had died on 9/11 it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.
    To summarize (and there will be a quiz tomorrow): One act (burning books) is deliberately offensive.
    The other act (erecting a building) was not intended to offend anyone.
    That’s the difference.

  4. This “Terror Mosque” bullshit is nothing more that a chance for the FOX Noise crowd and radical Christians to garner support for themselves (and provide cover for their own jihad of hatred) by casting all Muslims as radicals and terrorist co-conspirators by playing 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

    The main reason Fargo Barbie and the others are running away from this Koran burning is because the obvious Nazi comparison makes it harder for them to fling far more obtuse Nazi comparisons Herr Obama’s way.

    The Daily Show has been kicking ass on this community centre “controversy” for weeks.
    (I’m pretty sure this link has the video I’m thinking of, but thanks to Geo-cock-blocking that prevents Canadians from watching Daily Show clips, I can’t see it to know for sure.)

    Is building the centre 2 blocks away a little insensitive? Maybe. But certainly no more insensitive than building a commercial office tower RIGHT ON the site or allowing advertising in the neighbourhood. But America, New York especially, is ALL ABOUT being insensitive. The American Empire’s financial nerve centre is located on and named after a street built by slaves and it’s not the slightest bit apologetic about it. It also has a holiday celebrating Columbus and (by extension) the genocide he made possible, a holiday which I hear is quite popular amongst Italian New Yorkers.

    No. There is only one legitimate reason to oppose this community centre. From what I can tell, this project will demolish an attractive old building and replace it with a butt ugly new one. But NOBODY has even mentioned that as a reason for opposing the project. Only the fact that it is being done by Muslim Americans is “legitimate grounds” for opposition. I guess the thinking is “Only one Muslim led urban renewal project a decade”.

    • It’s nothing more than motivating a gang of frustrated, disparate, morons, imbeciles, racists, idiots, rednecks and ignoramuses to band together under the banner of patriotism by appealing to the ugliest bits they will never admit; giving them an identifiable enemy – an other – to rail against, spit at, loathe and blame for all the ways they have been denied the things they thought were theirs by right…by virtue of being Real ‘Mercans.
      And if they can stop this community center from being built, they will celebrate their victory; feel like they still wield some power; become even more convinced they were right all along…and then they’ll go back to cheering on their GOP puppet masters…their teabagger string pullers as the ‘Merca they imagine once was and long to have again is gutted like a fucking fish, dismantled and sold to the highest bidder, taking profit and security and all that is good right out of their fucking pockets. And they will cheer. Fucking brainless cunts, the lot of them.

  5. Yeah, and shana tova to you, dude!

    We all know that Palin is a brainless and vindictive cunt. The US right wing has moved to a point where Hitler looks like a bleeding liberal.

    But if you consider some of the thugs who founded the States, it kinda makes sense. For example, the New Englanders were puritans and we know what type of crazies they were. Somehow, that puritanical zeal started something incredibly idiotic which has gotten worse with time.

    Sure, there’s the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but those were after thoughts. The precursors of the religious right knew full fucking well that they could be on the wrong side of being burned at the stake which is why they added the religious freedom stuff.

    And all that stuff about standing armies: look at how some sick fucks have turned it into the right to own their own personal weapons of mass destruction.

    And the right to wage war on the government (ever ask them what Article III, Section iii means for a laugh?).

    These numskulls have forgotten about all the religious wars in history and want to declare the US a “Christian Nation”.

    Scary. Especially when they have a trained bimbo as first cheerleader.

    • My friend, you are confusing the Puritans with the Founding Fathers. The Puritans were European colonists; the Founding Fathers gained freedom from the British by fighting the Revolutionary War..
      The Puritans were religious nuts. The Founding Fathers were a mixture of deists, agnostics and (probably) atheists who were influenced by Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau and that gang.
      This is the mistake most American bible-thumpers make when they declare this a “christian nation.”
      Also, they were separated by about a century.
      Hope you were taking notes: There will be a quiz tomorrow.

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