Still Alive and Well

Checked into one of my regular interweb visits (the guy can write when he’s moved). He shall here remain nameless for shame’s sake. He commonly posts music clips of one stripe or another and explains why. Today he had up Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street, lauding the signature sax line (which I can understand) and the guitar solo (?) which he called “…one of the coolest guitar solos ever recorded.”
THAT’S why he shall remain nameless. I mean…pop schmaltz can be okay, I guess, but to call the plinky guitar fade on Baker Street one of the coolest lines ever recorded? ??? Dude…haul your fucking ears out of your ass. I mean…really…that’s the sort of blithering foolishness that earns a good cuff in the kisser on principle.
Not SRV? Not Frank? Not McLaughlin? Not McClinton? Not Segovia? Not DiMeola? For sweet fucking Christ’s sake…not Rice, not Atkins, not Knopfler, not Christian, not Pizzarelli, not Reinhart, not Ellis…? How many fucking players do I have to list that can play goddamn circles around that crap little pop rock crap on Baker Street before he’s forced to admit to being more than a little hyperbolic?
In any case, I cannot let such gauntlet tossing go unanswered. Take THIS, you candy ass!


3 Responses

  1. At least he didn’t mention the embarrassing late George Harrison, the world’s second-luckiest guy (after Ringo).

  2. I’m sorry but I FUCKIN hate that song! – (Baker St)
    Well…”hate” is a strong word – I just think its an incredibly shitty song. I had never seen the video…thanks for leading me into that beartrap of late 70’s douchebaggery!

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