Acid, Pot or Pills

I see no reason to choose. As the good doctor said, “I would never recommend drugs or alcohol to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”


6 Responses

  1. Dr. Thompson also included “insanity” on his list. I wouldn’t rule that out, either.
    Christ, the sun’s almost up. Somebody get me a fucking drink.

    • Cheers back atcha, mon ami. The Formosan sun has only recently set…and the rum is running. You’d think Joe Kennedy was putting into Liverpool, NS from the bottles that are stacked up around here.

  2. “I used to do drugs…I still do, but I used to too!”
    Mitch Hedberg

  3. This music makes me mourn for the dearly departed Drive-In Classics channel.

    I really miss all the Blaxploitation flicks they used to run and I think I heard this song in one.

    I also miss the Sexploitation flicks, the monster movies, biker films, Kung Foolishness, westerns, slasher movies, Strange Paradise, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein and, of course, the corny characters they used to have introducing the movies.

    I just loved watching all that cheesy shit and now it’s all gone!

    • If you don’t already know Horace Silver, I highly recommend digging a little deeper. He’s awesome.

      BTW…if you care to rejoin the fun, that mad jewess bitch is back. Appeared today in the Gay Marriage = Economic Stimulus bit. Psychotic racist masochistic blithering idiot whore.

      • I can really dig it, man. In a past life, I musta been one of those 70’s soul bruthas, because that’s where it gets me, right in the soul!

        The music is half the reason I dig all those Blaxploitation flicks, my brotha -er- Cuzin’. That and all those fine sistas!

        I’d go home and watch one tonight, if Drive In Classics was still on the air, but some jive muthafucka went and stole it away from me.

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