Tim Minchin – Confessions

Every time I catch a clip of Tim Minchin, he blows me away. One of the most clever comedians working anywhere today.


5 Responses

  1. Is there some sort of internal contradiction here? Like me – and you – he loves boobs. On the other hand, he wears a ring. Um, sorry, I mean he’s apparently wearing mascara.
    Shouldn’t he be singing about dicks or something?
    Not that that matters.

    • I’m sure somewhere in the Minchin song list, there must be one about dicks. Not so much an ode – more of an observational reflection.
      He’s married (to a woman), and is probably one of the most insightful, smart, thoughtful and clever social commentators anywhere. That he uses his blistering piano playing and amazing comedic lyrics to make his points only, in my view, supports the conclusion that he’s a genius.
      I highly recommend that you search YouTube for Tim Minchin and spend a few hours paying close attention to the lyrics…and his playing.

  2. This guy is actually the love-child of Victor Borge and Robert Smith of The Cure.

  3. All this singing about boobs and you didn’t think of showing us any?

    It’s like talking about cooking up juicy steaks while we’re stuck eating salad.

  4. I don’t think I have ever adored anyone so much, ever! If you haven’t already, I suggest going to see him live he will blow you away even more. He gets away with saying so many things that others wouldn’t, all because of how he writes and performs them. What a genius this guy is. Brilliant!

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