Danger, Cameron Diaz

A recent survey of internet threats reveals that the number one search celebrity employed to lure the unsuspecting to malware sites is Cameron Diaz.
Apparently Jessica Biel and Julia Roberts, with threats of upskirt shots and/or nipple slips, are also likely to lead you into trouble.
I have the solution. If Jessica, Julia and Cameron…especially Cameron…simply DO a sex tape, the threat will disappear.

Cameron! Save us. Do a sex tape. I’m available.


5 Responses

  1. Do a skin flick as a preemptive strike? I think Julia Roberts has just adopted that strategy. She’s in the theatres right now with a porno called Eat Me, Spray Me, Love Me .

    Check your local listings.

  2. Why doesn’t anybody watch my sex video? Nothing special about me, I’ll admit, but the sheep is way hot.

    • You mean this one, right?

      I’ve seen it several times and still enjoy it. Classy stuff.

      • Great stuff. I’m old enough to remember when that movie first came out. If you check my facebook page, I actually look a bit like that guy. Thanks!
        God, I used an exclamation mark. Excuse me while I go shoot myself in the kneecap. Don’t stop me; I deserve it.

  3. Nice try, Cuz.

    But I got there first!

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