Gay Marriage = Economic Stimulus

The repeal of Prop 8 by a California Judge is just what the economically beleaguered state needs. Talk about economic stimulus! In the coming weeks, florists, bakers, and tuxedo rental shops will all see a dramatic spike in business…not to mention the boost for caterers, printers, limousine rentals and cheesy bands that can play Barry Manilow songs.
And it doesn’t stop there. It’s waves of wedding gifts and honeymoon cruises, followed in the not too distant future by a whole bunch of work for divorce lawyers. And if you thought heterosexual divorce could be a bitter and expensive process, wait until gay men start fighting over the drop-leaf end tables.
“They were a gift from MY mother!”
“Yes, they were from YOUR mother…but she gave them to ME!”
Happy days are here again.


8 Responses

  1. Brilliant, and true.

  2. Of course you are right! And it can’t come soon enough for the bankrupt state. How are they ever going to pay down the state debt? Maybe issue ‘Gay Bonds’ at a higher interest rate? Wouldn’t it be ironical if a flood of newly weds to CA helped to sort out the mess the ‘straight’ community up there have caused!

  3. On the other hand, Texas would immediately boycott all things Californian. Except the porn.

  4. I’ve always felt that the main proponents of gay marriage were lawyers (fucking lawyers!) and those in the wedding industry.

    Soon, gay men will be just as broke and miserable as straight men. Eventually, the term “gay” will be replaced with the more accurate “underwhelmed” or “disillusioned”.

  5. Prop 8: the people of CA voted. The people of CA voted to keep marriage, a holy thing, between a man and a woman.
    Throws the people of CA under the bus. This is not the first time, it is the 3rd time.
    2008, after a judge did the same, CA faced a fire that burned hundreds of thous. of acres.
    Present Day, God lives. CA is on fire again.
    The people of CA are not wanting to test God.
    But, out of your tirade, you do want to test God, because you ARE a self-hating Bolshevik, Christian hating, white hating racist, attack mongering “Jew”

    God save America from left wing Jewish RATS.

    • Your hateful, pathetic, semi-literate, ranting insanity is equal parts amusing and scary. I had thought that, after the last time you had your ignorant lack of clear thinking dissected and exposed, you would think better about showing your imbecilic, racist ass around here again…but, like all attention starved intellectual masochists, you’ve come back for more.

      Of course, the lame argument that a judge who may be gay cannot rule on a civil rights issue involving gays. You must, then, also believe that a Jewish judge cannot rule on matters of religious freedoms involving Jews; black judges cannot rule in matters involving blacks…and, of course, a heterosexual judge of either gender would be unable to hear a case involving allegations of sexual assault. The paucity of your thinking, coupled with the obvious racism inherent in your premises, would embarrass a thinking person. Your previous ranting, obsessive posts, however, reveal you as perfectly incapable of such shame.

      Civil rights are not a matter for votes. It would not matter if EVERYONE voted to remove your vocal cords and chop off your fingers because your words are both stupid and offensive. You have rights pursuant to the 1st Amendment, and we do not submit those rights to public approval or majority opinion. Civil rights ARE a matter for the court – especially so when hate-mongering bigots and ignoramuses such as yourself take it into their otherwise empty head to prevent their peers and fellow citizens from obtaining equal treatment under the law.

      Making god claims is simply another bit of evidence that you’re too stupid to possibly ever be part of anything remotely resembling a solution. In fact, as with all other theists, it’s prima facie evidence that you’re part of the problem and too stupid to be permitted to breed.

      Now fuck off, you backward, tortured, brainless fuckwit whore. No one here is remotely interesting in the rambling, blithering foolishness that spills from the trapdoor blast furnace of shit you call your mouth.

      • I would vote to rip out her vocal chords and chop off her fingers.

        How do we get this thing on the ballot?

    • What about the Right Wing Jewish rats? Who’s going to save us from them?

      Meanwhile, all Californians will be forced by judges to suck cock or eat pussy, depending on their gender. Oh the horror!!!

      If all God can do is start a forest fire to stop such blasphemy, then I’m switching to Team Satan.

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