I Didn’t Need Another Reason

Like any other human being not born in the deep Amazon or the high Tibetan plateau, I’ve eaten at McDonald’s.
As I aged, the habit dropped off…but there were still moments when I was in a hurry, hungry, and the familiar golden arches were just…there.
But I began to notice that every fucking time I ate that crap I felt terrible. The fries were ok. The ice cream is still manageable on a hot day. And, for some reason, I’ll still take a McMuffin in the morning on rare occasions. But anything else makes me feel, quite literally, ill.
A few years ago, I found myself swearing, each time I forgot and ate some disgusting thing from McDonald’s, that I would never make that mistake again. Then, six months would go by, I’d be hungry and in a hurry…and there were those fucking golden arches.
It has now been, with the exception of the aforementioned ice cream, about two years since I’ve eaten McDonald’s food. I didn’t need any better reasons to quit stuffing their repulsive crap into my mouth, but I found some.

Wanna know what’s REALLY in a Big Mac?


8 Responses

  1. Well-picked title.

  2. I’m chunkin’ it.
    It’s your age, Grasshopper.
    I, too, could eat anything in my youth. In large quantitites. Then I reached middle age.
    Anything greasy or deep=fat fried makes me want to puke.
    It’s especially nasty if you have a McBurger for dinner and now the acid has taken over your stomach in the middle of the night. It’s like getting a hangover you didn’t earn.
    It will only get worse. Do you have Subways in Taiwan? It’s the intermediate step between greaseburgers and prunes. Take a pass on the chips and sugar drinks. You’ll thank me.

    • Subway? (aka the Listeriosis Express)

      I ate their shit about 6 times in the last 2 years. On three occasions, the sub ran in one end of me and out the other like I was a Subway tunnel. One of those times, I was shitting, puking, shaking and passing out all weekend long.

      I will not eat there again…unless my date insists, which is unlikely.

    • This is one of the reasons why they target children so much. They are about the only people who can stomach this shit.

  3. Cousinavi, You eat that shit and you made it to your ripe old age? Wow!

    I gave that horrendous shit up almost 15 years ago and have (reasonably) successfully avoided most fast food chains since seeing Supersize Me The scene where they pile all the sugar, fat, salt, etc Morgan Spurlock consumed in a month on the table was all any sane person needed to stop abusing their bodies like that.

    But I was already avoiding that rat-hole before that. My self-abusive love affair with McDonalds all but ended here. http://www.mcspotlight.org/case/
    which also happened to be about the same time my brother told me his buddies who worked at McDonalds used burger patties as frozen wake-boards in the kitchen before cooking them.

    I have a rule of thumb: The more something is advertised, the more it must need advertising to sell it. Established, good quality, products don’t really need to advertise. Only shitty or completely unnecessary products require heavy marketing.

    McShit might be the best example of this. It’s been around since the 50’s, everybody knows what they sell, but it may be the most heavily marketed product in the world. Guess what? It is God-awful shit! It’s made from the cheapest meat available, is frozen, chock full of preservatives, salt, fat, sugars and is prepared by perhaps the most exploited, incompetent, (legal) workforce in North America. It is a widget-burger if ever there was one…and it tastes like it.

    I would rather have Mike Huckabee cook me up a fresh, locally caught, organic, squirrel.

    The last time I ate at at McCrap, I experienced every single detail of what Morgan Spurlock experienced in this scene.

    The only difference was that it took several hours before it worked its way out of my system (opposite end) and I felt better immediately afterwards. After that, my organs cried “No Mas!” every time I came near a golden arch.

    When you strip away the clown, the whoring celebrities (most of them athletes who would never even touch that shit) & the happy skinny people in their ads, take a good look look at what you’re really eating, how it gets to your table, and look at how the company treats its workers, critics and even 9 year old girls who dare to trespass on one of their marketing campaigns http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m3190/is_n20_v28/ai_15460231/
    you start to see behind the Happy Meal facade.

    What is there is just another vial, corporate, multi-national exploiting its workers, harming the environment, manipulating children and hyping the hell out of its worthless, harmful, product.

  4. Everybody expects fat and salt. What’s truly amazing is how much sugar and high fructose corn syrup appears in their products. Sugar AND corn syrup is not just in the sugar water (aka pop) but all over the Big Mac. It’s in the special sauce as both ingredients AND sub-ingredients), in the ketchup, relish, and even IN THE FUCKING BUN!

    According to Wikipedia, a Big Mac in Canada has 44grams of carbs, about 15% of your daily intake and slightly under HALF your daily fat and sodium intake. Curiously, every country has a slightly different Big Mac formula, as if concocted by mad scientists to addict specific cultures.

    But throw in some large fries and a large (non-diet) pop and according to McDeath’s own “Stairway To Nutrition” (Stairway To Heaven surely???) meal planner, you’ll get:

    1410 calories (2,000 is a daily standard)
    86% of your fat intake (70% of saturated and trans-fat)
    67% of you daily carb intake (which is probably too high a limit)
    61% of your sodium intake (which may soon be cut in half in Canada) http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2010/07/29/salt-sodium-limits-canada.html

    This does not include a single additional condiment (ketchup on your fries) and I’m not even sure it includes standard condiments. (special sauce, ketchup)

    But the Big Mac isn’t even the worst thing they fry up. The Angus Burger with cheese has 180 calories more and 20% more of your daily fat intake than a Big Mac. A Big Extra has 80 more calories, 12% more fat and 160 more grams of sodium.

    But why stop there? That same large combo with the Big Mac replaced with a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese or a Double Big Mac has:

    2X Mac 2X Pounder
    calories 1580 1640
    daily fat 103% 111%
    sodium 82% 73%
    carbs 67% 66%

    It’s worth noting none of the meals has anywhere near half the recommended daily vitamins intake. It’s also worth noting that one of their entree salads (with one dressing) has 69% of your daily fat intake, 48% of your sodium and 600 calories all on its lonesome.

    When you look at the numbers, It becomes perfectly clear what McShit is selling…besides the celebration of excess. They have a carefully crafted product for whatever poison you crave the most: fat, salt, carb/sugars or all of the above. The questionable additives and preservatives are just added bonuses!

    Lip smacking suicide on a disposable plate!

    • Wait, I picked the wrong salad!

      There’s one salad & dressing combo that has:

      670 calories
      80% of your fat
      62% of your sodium
      25% of your carbs

      In a fucking SALAD!

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