No Code

There’s a scene in The Wire – if you know the show, you know the scene – between Omar and Bunk:

Omar: I ain’t never put my gun on anybody wasn’t in the game.
Bunk: A man got to have a code.
Omar: Indeed.

The problem with what conservatism has become – most evidently in America, but the whole Milton Friedman, supply side, trickle down theory of economic growth; the IMF and the World Bank and Wall Street – is that it insists on pointing guns at everyone who isn’t in the game.

These motherfuckers – the rich and the corporations – have no code. No mercy, no heart, no sense of community. No CODE.
They will say anything. There is no lie, no matter how patently false, ugly, concocted, harmful, vicious and willfully blind that cannot be floated…and for no other purpose than to muddy the waters, make any sort of political progress impossible, and form the basis for more and uglier lies down the road.

Breitbart. It took ANDREW BREITBART – one of the most patently obvious lying trolls; a piece of shit recognizable at a glance…you can smell him from HERE – to even RAISE the question: Is the American media DOING IT’S JOB? Are they FACT CHECKING?
It took a pathetic, reprehensible, partisan TURD like Andrew Breitbart to exhume the rotting corpse of a question that once demanded answer daily for real journalists. IS IT TRUE?

Too many guns. No fucking code.


5 Responses

  1. It is astonishing to me that not only did no one in the media, but no one in the Agriculture Department, took two minutes to call Ms. Sherrod and ask, “Is this video accurate?”
    That’s all it would have taken, from anybody at any level.
    If I had still been working as a reporter or editor, at any news outlet, I would have insisted on making that call. It’s simply incredible no one did it. Government agencies, even the White House, cheerfully accept calls from networks and newspapers. Anyone could have tipped them off.

    • Yes, it’s clearly yet another example of how bad and outright lazy the media is. In the rush to air the latest meaningless “scandal”, they don’t even bother to check the story’s authenticity. Just run the fucking clip and worry about the rest later.

      But it also is another example of how completely sack-less the Democrats are. They are so fearful of what the right-wing nutbars will say in the media about them, they won’t even pick up a phone to ask ONE OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE what happened. They will just toss themselves on their own swords.

      So great is the mind-fuck that racism is now considered something only practised by blacks against whites.

      Fucking pathetic all around!

  2. I loved The Wire. That exchange and your related commentary gets to the root of what is wrong with our entire culture.

    In the Just Do It era, there are no limits anymore. There is no depth to which people -and especially corporations- won’t sink to, even for just a minimal benefit. None.

    People will murder their mothers for discount on an iPhone.
    Corporations will devise ways to make a penny or two more on a product, even if it means certain death of workers or even customers.

    Lies, criminal fraud, corruption, environmental disasters, constant surveillance on you like you were the fucking criminal…Nothing, NOTHING is beyond the pail anymore!

    There is only one code: My immediate wants uber alles.

    • Let’s get a bottle and drink to the end of humanity.

      • Yeah, if only we were so lucky.

        Unfortunately, we have to endure at least a couple more decades of this downward spiral before we get the payoff of seeing human extinction.

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