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Bristol, Levi & Sarah

Oh, turkey gobbles! There’s trouble a’brewin’ up to the Palin plantation!
Bristol Palin confessed to US magazine that Tripps grandmother is not necessarily overjoyed about the impending nuptials.
She says Mama Grizzly won’t even begin to change her mind until Levi gets his GED, gets a job and starts supporting Bristol and the squab in the style to which the cash from a reality TV show might well provide.
But HERE is the best bit. This just fuckin’ slays me. Bristol is quoted:

“I want to get married soon, just so we can live together and be together all of the time.”

What’s that sound? Sounds like a train whistle.
I’m gonna need popcorn for this.


5 Responses

  1. I wonder if that dumb shit can even spell “GED.” His future mother-in-law won’t be able to help, unless it’s written on her hand.

  2. “I want to get married soon, just so we can live together and be together all of the time.”

    Wow this kid is a retard!

    Even the best women kill that fantasy faster than a fornicating couple bites the dust in a horror movie.

    He probably expects smiles and sex all the time too.

  3. He expects sex? Then why is he getting married?

    • Exactly. He’s a naive moron. Just wait until he figures out the truth.

      This pathetic little drama is far from over.

  4. Imagine what a fucked up life little Halftrack or Beartrap or whatever the hell his name is is going to have.
    As soon as these kids get divorced (I give it a year), the kid shouldn’t go either parent.
    He’d be better off in an orphanage. Or better yet, an orphanarium – Leela turned out fine.

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