Would You Shake Hands With a Douche?

Story outta Toronto.

Some kid from Newfoundland won an art contest. He was flown to Toronto, taken around on a tour, given a prize and was gonna meet the Queen.
Word came that the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, was on his way.
Kid made a big show of refusing to shake hands with the PM.

“I didn’t know until literally minutes before,” said the Memorial University student. “I was pretty outraged that he was going to be there… I told them I would politely decline to shake his hand if he attempted.”

After a speech about youth and Canada and human rights, Harper did, indeed, shake the young artists’ hands. But before he could reach Dyer, a museum staff member came up behind Dyer, and asked him to step back, Dyer said.

Refusing to shake Harper’s hand was his way of expressing his disapproval, he said.

“That was the breaking point — when I was suppressed for my beliefs.”

Dyer said the event was co-opted and turned into a photo-op for the prime minister and a promotional tool for the museum.

“It was such a degrading experience. I felt so tokenized,” he said. “I feel like they took something so huge away from me that weekend. So huge.”

What did “They” take away from you, Junior? Your right to be an attention whoring dick in public?
SUPPRESSED? Asshole. You don’t know the MEANING of the word suppressed.
You were outraged that the PM would attend a ceremony on human rights at which the visiting Queen of England was present? Really? Were you also surprised, flabbergasted, taken aback, shocked, stunned and completely caught off guard?
POLITELY decline to shake his hand? Why stop there? Why not go for politely spitting on him? Politely kicking him in the nuts?
IDIOT! The POINT of refusing to shake someone’s hand is TO BE IMPOLITE. You stupid little cock. You can’t politely refuse to shake hands the same way you can’t quietly slam a door. Imbecile. I fucking HATE stupid people…and that goes triple for stupid arrogant cunts like this brat.

Refusing to shake someone’s hands is not something one does because of disagreements on policy.

Refusing to participate in a photo op – fair enough. Walk away.
But to say you will not politely greet someone as a matter of principle…it better be something more serious than “I don’t care for the way you govern.”

I’ve never refused to shake anyone’s hand…although that might change in a couple of cases opportunity has yet to present.

Hitchens has said he would refuse to shake hands with Kissinger. One supposes Cardinal Ratzinger would also qualify for such treatment in Hitchens’ view.
No one is accusing Harper of mass murder or covering up kiddie rape.
He’s a giant douche, but a little farking perspective is in order, here.

This kid knew full well that the Queen would be in attendance. Not hard to figure some ministers…maybe the PM…would be present. He claims he was surprised by the information that the PM was coming.
He could have stepped away then; refused to stand in the receiving line at all. Gone for a smoke.
He waited for the cameras to roll. He waited until he would be seen leaving the line.
He exploited the situation for a photo op just like the rest of them.
It wasn’t a matter of refusing to shake someone’s hand. It was a matter of making sure everyone KNEW he was refusing to shake someone’s hand.
And why? Because he disagrees with some of Harper’s policies.

You arrogant little shit. I disagree with Harper’s policies, AND I KNOW WHY I DISAGREE. I have very little – read zero – confidence that some snotty little shit from the Rock who won an art contest has any ability to articulate just exactly HOW he disagrees with Harper’s policies, much less why he would choose to invoke such stunning bad manners as a means to draw attention to his insightful policy objections…of which he mentioned exactly NONE when ASKED, “Why did you do that?”

Stupid little douche matches Harper’s stupid big douche in moment of fluctuating gravity.


2 Responses

  1. Sometimes one ought to refuse to shake hands. I remember, after Watergate, when Jack Anderson and G. Gordon Liddy appeared on the same talk show. Anderson shook Liddy’s hand.
    You may recall that it was Liddy who volunteered to assassinate Anderson on behalf of Dick Nixon.
    Anderson should have ignored Liddy’s hand and simply sat down. I would not have shaken the hand of the man who had been clearly heard on tape offering to kill me.

  2. Funnily enough, I was in a similar position a few years back with former Ontario premier, Mike “Mega-douche” Harris.

    I was at an annual convention that always invites the Premier. This was the first (and only) time one actually showed up. Harris decided to show up unannounced, spread a tonne of manure on unsuspecting convention attendees and then bask in their loving applause, which all these mindless fucking sheep (except me) gave him. I was about the only person with his tongue not firmly up his asshole.

    What made even more disgusting was the fact the industry represented there was demonstrably hurt by Harris’ government policies. If anything, they should have been booing. Instead, they chose to bend over for an ass-fucking in the hopes of ingratiating themselves to the ass-fucker. It was like being in a room full of prison bitches.

    With TV cameras in tow, Harris decided to exit, not via the stage exit, but via the audience. The sole purpose was to get video of him shaking hands with his “adoring public” as he walked down the aisle. I was very uncomfortable as he came my way. I had an aisle seat and could tell from his pattern that he was going to shake my hand or the guy in the row behind me. I despised that motherfucker and I wasn’t sure what I’d do if he tried to shake mine. (I won’t get into it, but his government actually stole from my family.) Hell, I could have wound up spending the winter in an unheated jail cell in Moose Factory.

    Thankfully, his handler broke the pattern and directed him towards somebody more “focus group friendly”. This was either because of the PR potential of having this nasty, old, shit shake hands with a young hottie, or because the handler looked ahead and saw the sneer of contempt in my face. Or perhaps, it was a case of one of his political roadies trying to set him up with a groupie. In fact, Harris was cheating on his wife at that very time, so it is possible.

    Lucky for all, the situation never came to pass. I honestly can’t say what I would have done. These days, elected officials are becoming increasingly sealed off from the actual human beings they claim to represent. So, such chance meetings are becoming rarer every day. Like most people, I fantasize about being able to spout off some snarky comment like “Say hello to Sharon Dunn (one of his affairs) for me.” and making the nightly news in the process.

    But the reality is that neither I, nor most people finding themselves in such an unexpected, once-in-lifetime, on-camera, situation, are that smooth…especially when blinded with rage. They stammer out confusing gibberish, wind up missing their target and kicking the person next to him in the nuts, or they just generally come off looking stupid. Few ever deliver their action the way they imagine without considerable rehearsal.

    That’s what makes these guys so special


    and why this guy deserves a…well….a statue I guess

    for hitting El Douche himself.

    While I’m not familiar with THIS incident and the article is not particularly clear to me, I completely sympathize with this young Newfie. You enter a competition and win a trip to Izzy Asper’s Mausoleum of Human Rights. You get there and suddenly find out your hard work has earned you the “right” to get co-opted into a photo-op for a douche-bag politician you despise. You say you won’t shake his hand and then you get the bums rush.

    Making it worse is that said douchebag really is ONLY there for the PR. He’s there to “prove his commitment to human rights” by smiling for the camera and sucking up to the powerful (but collapsing) Canwest Global empire. It’s worth noting that Harper already showed his “deep commitment” to human rights when his (and 3 other) governments voted against the UN Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous People.

    It’s not likely the kid was going to do anything but refuse to shake his hand. It’s not like the kid said he was going to pepper spray Harper, tazer him, or pass a 5M law so he could do whatever he wanted to him. For fuck sakes, Trudeau gave speeches where audience members were burning him in effigy. What would happen if Harper was doing a photo-op with germ-a-phobe Howie Mandel?

    Oh, the humiliation of not getting a handshake! Harper ain’t exactly Mr Warmth himself.

    Maybe these “embarrassments” should be allowed to happen. Maybe people should be allowed to publicly embarrass their rulers by telling them to “suck a bag of dicks”. Maybe then these douche-bag fuckers will think twice about butting into things so they can look good on TV. I don’t want pictures. I want actions.

    And, more importantly, what was the stated purpose of this event anyway? To give some douche a chance to look good, or reward a kid for winning a competition? As the PR weasel for the Human Rights Mausoleum said:

    “It’s about encouraging young people to express themselves.”

    As long as these young people don’t express themselves in a way that might cause a minor embarrassment to their rulers. Not embarrassing rulers is what human rights are all about!

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